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Massive protest in Tel Aviv over anti-LGBT surrogacy law

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Thousands of people on Sunday night took to streets to protest against a law on surrogacy parenthood that excludes single men and homosexual couples.

According to agencies, gay rights advocates and their supporters observed a one-day strike across major cities in Israel, where protestors were seen waving rainbow flags, blocking traffic, and shouting “shame.”

This comes after the Israeli parliament recently passed an amendment allowing single women the right to apply for surrogacy, which until now was only for married, heterosexual couples.

The amendment, which was earlier supposed to include single men and homosexual couples, did not have the same after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voted against the provision, enraging the Israeli LGBTQ community.

“It’s very important, I’m not from the community, but I believe in equality,” a protester said as quoted by the Times of Israel. “It’s just not right that some people can’t have kids.”

Another protester told that having his own children via surrogacy compelled him to attend the protest.

The newspaper in an earlier report said that Prime Minister Netanyahu will be attending a special Knesset session on gay rights, after an opposition party gathered the 40 necessary signatures on Sunday (local time), obliging his presence and response.

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