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Metal removed from Pune blast victim’s head, handed to police

A metallic substance which was part of a ball bearing was surgically removed from the head of one of the five injured in the July 10 low intensity blast here.

The operation was carried out at a private hospital yesterday after the blast victim, Jaswant Singh, discharged after first aid on the day of explosion, complained of persistent headache and nausea to owner of a ‘Vada Pav’ shop where he worked.

The owner of the snack centre, located adjacent to the blast spot, Datta Jadhav said he took Singh to the private hospital as the CT scan machine at the government-run Sassoon hospital was not functional.

Singh was successfully operated for removal of one mm metallic substance from the rear of his head and was in a stable condition, a hospital spokesman said.

The removed metal part was handed over to police by hospital authorities along with his medical reports, he said.

The low intensity explosion set off by an IED planted in a stolen motorbike at Faraskhana police station’s parking lot here on July 10 had resulted in superficial wounds to five persons including Singh, whose re-admission to hospital resulted in detection of a major head injury.

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