Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Modi committed to Reform, Let us join hands

Today our Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that the government would continue to push for reforms. His agenda for reform to transform is yet to be finished he said in the ‘Advancing Asia’ conference. Modi was not only confident but also determined towards his goals. These days’ unwanted controversies somewhere shifted the goals of BJP, but after Delhi and Bihar defeat and after the recent Kanhaiya Kumar episode, one can see a major shift and realization in Modi. He is here to deliver his promises. Modi is one of the strongest representations that India has today. Many like me voted and campaigned for him with great faith, but the arrogance and false pride of BJP leaders has damaged integrity of party at large.

As Modi said even as India is now the fastest growing economy and ranks at the top in terms of favoured investment destination, reforms will continue to be pursued in the right earnest. His agenda for reform to transform is yet to be finished, Entrepreneurship is also booming, following a series of steps his ministry has taken. India needs reform, it needs change it also need global representation, Modi ji is undoubtedly heading towards the same. But the unwanted hullabaloos are overshadowing these efforts that he is making. BJP leader needs to be more matured and they should go with the idea of Modi’s vision of India, rather than getting involved in pretty traps like national, anti-national or religious issues. One Rohith Vemula or Kanhaiya Kumar cannot shift the focus of Prime minister if his ministers and supporters do not give much weight to such unsolicited issues.’

In the recent past, India has also dispelled the myth that democracy and rapid economic growth cannot go together our country has also shown the world that a large, diverse country like India can be managed in a way that can promote economic growth and maintain social stability. The prime minister said along with focus on macro-economic stability, removing corruption and also interference in decisions of banks and regulators, his government is also helping the farm sector but not based on giving hand-outs. Our government aims to double farmer incomes, they have increased investment in the rural and agriculture sector, because that is where a majority of India still lives. Slowly but steadily Modi government is focusing on each and every sector, they should be given those interrupted five years to draw a conclusion. We as Indian citizen need to trust our government and support their initiatives to make our country best among all.

India is a haven of macro-economic stability and a beacon of hope, dynamism and opportunity, there are many governments reform agenda from opening nearly all sectors to foreign investment to improving ease of doing business on the list, Modi government now intends to focus on the rural sector. They have increased investment in the rural and agriculture sector, because that is where a majority of India still lives. They are committed to provide training to government and public sector employees. It will enhance their skills and improve the quality of their policy inputs. It will also provide technical assistance to governments and public institutions.

In the past 60 years, India could have grown at a much higher rate with a much better infrastructure and less poverty but it did not because of the bottlenecks of corruption and bureaucracy. Reforms in the 90’s were needed badly; they did not happen because there was no other way. Let’s admit that the much-needed change is happening now and the past 10 years were a sad chapter in India’s history. Since Modi has come to power there is pride. People understand the importance of keeping the country clean, refusing subsidies. India is here to go ahead in all spares and our Prime Minister is committed to “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas” lets join hands and give him due support. If he fails we voters know what to do, but this is too early to think on such lines.

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