Friday, September 24, 2021
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Modi Temple to be built soon

Opposition parties have criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s followers plan to construct a temple in his name with a 100 feet statue at Meerut. According to them, attention should be paid towards various other important issues affecting the nation’s development instead of building the temple. Many of them also added that the money spent on the temple could be used for constructing hospitals, charitable institutions which would benefit the society. They added that nation is already paying a huge price for Modi fans excessive admiration for him as he has acquired a larger than life image. BJP always relies too much on Modi as others leaders are sidelined in the party. Thus real issues affecting the nation have taken a backseat and hero worship has gained precedence in the country.

Kapil Patil, JD (U) MLA said, “BJP has already accorded demi god status to Modi therefore it is justified that the party will go forward with the construction of his temple.”

Gajanan Kirtikar, Shiv Sena MP said, “The temple construction of Modi is unjustified. Since Modi is given larger than life status hence it is adversely affecting the nation and its development. He never takes decision in the interest of the country. Earlier people used to idolise Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi but now they are idolising Modi.”

Harishchandra Chavan, BJP MP said, “Since they are devoted to personalities in India hence they construct temple in their name. Even a temple is constructed in Amitabh Bachchan’s name. Since Meerut residents are idolising Modi hence they are constructing a temple in his name.”

Sanjay Kadam, NCP MLA
said, “People are superstitious hence they are indulging in this act. The Modi government can do anything like feeding milk to Ganpati’s idol. They are superstitious and more interested in the construction of temple instead of making India a super power. People want development and such type of tactics is only used to divert their attention. BJP should focus on the nation’s development instead of indulging in cheap gimmicks.”

A statue of the Prime Minister will stand inside the temple premises, there will be no Modi Idol inside the sanctum sanctorum.

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