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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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MP Shrikant Shinde seen sitting on the CM chair; NCP hits out, says “abuse of power”

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Shrikant Shinde,Eknath Shinde,Photo,Chief Minister,Maharashtra
Shrikant Shinde, Eknath Shinde, Photo,Chief Minister, Maharashtra | Image: Twitter/@ravikantvarpe

A viral photo of MP Shrikant Shinde was circulating on social media in which he was seen sitting on the Chief Minister’s chair and meeting people in the office.

The opposition has slammed the Member of Parliament for such a violation and for disrespecting the Chief Ministerial chair.

Nationalist Congress Party, state spokesperson RavikantVarpe tweeted on saying, “Best wishes to Shrikant Shinde for becoming Super CM. In the absence of the Chief Minister, his son is in charge of the post of Chief Minister. The strangulation of democracy is going on. What kind of Rajdharma is this?”

When we spoke to RavikantVarpe he said, “He is misusing his powers in the wrong way. He should be answerable for his actions to the people of Maharashtra.”

“This is a disrespectful act on the part of Shrikant Shinde, and people who are in power are always loyal to their family members and want them to grow in politics,” said AAP spokesperson, Dhananjay Shinde.

NCP’snational spokesperson Clyde Crasto said, “Only the elected Chief Minister has to be seated on the CM chair, misuse by his family members is disrespectful.”

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