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Mr. Fadnavis your police dadagiri

Police implicate Sumit Singh by filing case of traffic violations.

police-dadagiriSometimes people become victim of police apathy and they have to face huge hardships. Sumit Singh a 20 year old student had to bear the brunt of lackadaisical attitude of police officials who made allegations against him for violating traffic rules. Sumit was riding his Activa bike and attempted to take a U turn from the wrong lane near Cama Lane at Ghatkopar (W) at 9.30 pm on Saturday. Three people approached near him in bike and started abusing him for flouting traffic rules. Since Sumit was unaware about their identity he got in to a heated argument with police officers as one of them and slapped him. Police file a FIR against him.

Vipin Singh, president of NSUI along with 2 other members tried to intervene to rescue Sumit. The officers did not reveal their identity and had worn civil dress. One of the officers who was under the influence of alcohol grabbed Vipin’s collar as the gold chain worn by him went missing. Vipin requested officials to allow him to search for the chain. Subsequently, two other police officers patrolling nearby reached the spot and identified the three police officers.

Vipin Singh informed police officers that one of them is under intoxication. He then wanted them to undergo a medical test. Later, they called additional police force and started assaulting them.

“I was just passing from a medical store. Therefore I merely inquired with the police officers to know whom they were assaulting. One of them was miffed with me and blamed me for indulging in politics and pushed me inside the vehicle” Parmeshwar Upadhyay said.

“They took us to the Chirag Nagar Police station, Ghatkopar (W)

where around 20-25 police officers were present. All of them started assaulting us” he added.

“They filed FIR against the four officers; while I informed them that I was merely passing through the area and don’t possess medical bill. They informed me that they won’t file a FIR against me. They also threatened me against revealing the facts to anyone” he said.

At around 2:30 am Parmeshwar’s sister-in-law who is a lawyer accompanied by his brother arrived at the police station. She demanded a copy of FIR from the police officer but he refused.”

Later they called Parmeshwar downstairs and accepted that they have committed a mistake by detaining him. They then released him without filing a FIR.

Vikas Upadhyay brother of Parmeshwar Upadhyay was also taken into custody and FIR was filed against him. Injury marks are visible on Pramesh Upadhyay’s wrist and his back. Vipin Singh, Sumit Singh and Vikas Upadhyay have been charged under: section 332, 353,142, 149, 34 and other section of the IPC.

“We did not violate traffic rules while the bike rider was riding the vehicle on the wrong side. We informed them that we are police officers and displayed our identity cards. However they didn’t listen to us and started accusing other PSI officers who was under the influence of alcohol. We then informed them that we will go to the police station for undergoing a medical test. We asked them to file a complaint if the reports turn positive” said PSI Bhushan Pawar.

“One of them started pushing and assaulting us. I sustained minor head injuries while my colleague too was injured. The accused are spreading false rumours that we had assaulted them hence we had called additional police force,” he said.

When our reporter asked Bhushan Pawar why he was riding triple seat on the bike he failed to reply. Thus even police officials were violating rules as they were not wearing uniforms and riding triple seat.

“The accused have been sent to one day police custody at Bhoiwada  and will be produced in the court tomorrow. It is just a case of obstructing public servant from discharging his duties,” said Samadhan Sulane, Lawyer.

After this incident some rival political outfits started spreading rumours on social media and whatsapp about NSUI and Congress brutally hitting police officers in Ghatkopar.

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