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‘Mr X’ could take on ‘Avengers’: Emraan Hashmi

EmranMumbai: Actor Emraan Hashmi, who is gearing up for the release of his sci-fi 3D film ‘Mr X’ does not want it to be compared with the Hollywood-based technologically superior franchise ‘The Avengers’.

The actor contends that ‘Mr X’ has so strong a philosophy and emotional base that it could also take on the hit Hollywood superhero franchise.

“I think those (Hollywood superhero) scripts don’t have the stories of Krishna and Arjun (as shown in ‘Mr X’) … the story of ‘Mr X’ is deeply rooted in our culture,” the actor said here on Monday during the promotion of the film.

“I wouldn’t really want to put ‘Mr X’ into comparison with superhero films like ‘Avengers’. I think with the story, with the emotional base and with the philosophy that the film has, it could also take on ‘Avengers’,” he added.

Produced by Vishesh Films and directed by Vikram Bhatt, the film features Emraan as an invisible guy, who seeks revenge for all the wrong done to him.

‘Mr X’ will be released in 2D and 3D on April 17.

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