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MU clears payment of Rs 1.18 crores to Merit Trac

Merit Trac the company which has destroyed the credibility of the once reputed Mumbai University has been issued payments of Rs 1.18 crores as per a reply provided by the University to an RTI filed by Activist Anil Galgali.

Galgali had sought information from the Mumbai University about the payment made and payment pending of Merit Trac. “Merit Trac Services Pvt Ltd has raised 2 bills on the university, the first bill amounting to Rs 1,48,63,750 was raised on May 18, 2017 and the second bill amounting to Rs 2,69,27,350.99 was raised on August 16, 2017. The total of both the bills amount to Rs 4,17,91,100.99 and the university has paid Rs 1,18,17,404 out the bills raised and an amount of Rs 2,99,73,696.99 is balance to be paid,” revealed the details shared by the university.

The filed RTI questioned the action of the University to make payments to the company because of which the once famed University has been shamed and the future of lakhs of students of the University was kept on stake, scores of students lost their one year just because of the inefficiency of the company.

Galgali addressed a letter to the Governor and Chancellor of the University, C Vidyasagar Rao, CM Devendra Fadnavis, Education Minister Vinod Tawde, Devanand Shinde. “The person who brought this company into the university has been sacked due to company’s inefficiency whereas the company itself has been retained and being paid money for it inefficiency. Instead of black listing such a company the university apart from payment has also extended the company’s services. I demand that no further payments should be made to the company and instead should initiate proceedings to recover damages from the company, expressed Galgali.

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