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Mulla, Pandit to
Influence ‘aam aadmi’

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Mulla-Pandit-InfluenceThe Aam Aadmi Party which had conducted a successful membership drive across India is now adopting a unique strategy to enroll new members. Priests from temples are joining AAP and convincing their disciples to join the party. The party already is aiming big and plans to induct 1 crore people by January, 26. It has already waived Rs 10 membership fee charged for enrolling people.

Ram Sevak Tiwari, a priest from Vakola temple who had joined AAP has already started convincing his disciples to join the party. Ram Sevak would explain in detail about the functioning of AAP and urge them to get registered.

The party had started enrolling people visiting temple two days back. Till date more than 400 people have registered their names and more than thousand people are expected to enroll within a week.

Ram Sevak Tiwari, a priest from Kalina said, “I am hugely influenced by Arvind Kejriwal and his performance. The common man is already fed up with rising corruption and now wants change. Hence I am supporting AAP and want the party to win the general election so that it can work for the welfare of the common man. I also explained to people about the ideology of AAP. I am not forcing them to join the party.”

Dharmedra Singh, a member of the temple said, “Everyone wants a change in governance and is hoping that Arvind Kejriwal will root out corruption from the society. I want all the devotees visiting the temple to become member of AAP.”

Sayad Adam, who enrolled with AAP after visiting temple said, “AAP is a honest party and has immense potential to grow in future. If the party comes to power in the centre then it will root out corruption which will pave way for India’s development. Since I have registered my name, I expect others to do so.”

Abdul Karim, a devotee from Kalina said, “Most of political parties are indulging in caste based politics and appeasing minorities. We want clean governance and only AAP can deliver it.”

Gulam Mohammad, another disciple from Vakola said, “We have full faith in Arvind Kejriwal and his party. I will try my best to enroll more members in AAP.”

The membership drive is soon expected to begin in other temples in the city too. More and more youth are coming forward to join the party and are also enrolling people.

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