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Mumbai is the most vacation-deprived city: Study

The financial capital of the country has emerged as the most vacation-deprived city among the five surveyed towns, as most Mumbaikars enjoy working more than relaxing at vacations, says a recent study.

“Vacations play an important role in maintaining the work-life balance, and general well-being of the employees while re-energising them to be more focused at work. However, Mumbaikars lead in enjoying work more than relaxing at vacations as a majority of them take lesser vacation days than they are awarded,” Expedia Managing Director, Asia, Vikram Malhi said.

This, he said, makes Mumbaikars top the vacation-deprived city among the other surveyed towns in the country.

According to online travel agency’s 2014 Vacation Deprivation report, 97 per cent Mumbaikars’ vacation are deprived, 96 per cent are willing to make sacrifices for extra vacation days and 42 per cent feel guilty for taking a vacation.

However, the capital city of Delhi is the least vacation-deprived, the report said. In Delhi, people start planning for next vacation within a week of coming back and most (99 per cent) are willing to make sacrifices like giving up on television and junk food for an additional vacation day.

“Delhiites are least vacation-deprived as compared to other metro cities in India. About 60 per cent of people in Delhi would prefer more vacation days instead of money. They are also ready to sacrifice on things like junk food, Internet and television, but find it relatively difficult to part with their booze for an extra day of vacation. About 7 per cent of them actually book it before landing back from their current vacation,” Malhi said.

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