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Mumbai local train’s monthly pass system faces a new type of fraud

Meenali Gore (name changed), a ticket collector, was as usual on duty. Checking tickets on western route was her routine duty. She in the profession since last 15 years, therefore she was well aware of how to catch hold of those who are travelling without ticket or pass.

During one of the afternoons, while Meenali was on duty, she checked the ticket of Nafisa (name changed). Nafis produced her monthly pass. While checking the date, duration and other details, Meenali was taken by surprise.

Once again she scanned through the bunch what she had in her hand. To her surprise, there were four seasonal pass of different months. Two of the previous passes were back dated, one was current dated and unfortunately the fourth was future dated. All were half yearly pass.

Though they were half yearly passes but something was in common about them. The serial number on top of them was same for all the four passes. The date instead of being on the right hand was printed on the left hand. Each pass was having an amount of Rs. 5000/-.  In one line quarterly pass was mentioned and immediately below that line ‘half yearly pass’ was mentioned.

On repeatedly checking the same it was noticed that it was a copy paste fraud that was done using her personal computer. She made it on her computer using the same details. Only the dates (to and from) were changed while rest of the details remained same. She also claimed the pass amount from her company and they paid her without checking the dates of the pass or details on it.

Nafisa was immediately taken into custody and questioned about this act. She accepted that she was doing it since last many years, using the computer at her work place.

She was asked to show the computer from where she had generated the false pass. The police sealed the computer and kept her in the custody for 2 days and after that she was released on bail.

Nafisa was booked under two sections, one of fraud and other corruption. But there was no sign of regret on her face.

On the other hand the ticket collector, Meenali Gore was awarded for her presence of mind and sharp observance and detailed matching of all those post dated and pre-dated passes that she had in her hand.

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