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Munawar Faruqui is not banned for his faith but for his jokes

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munawar faruqui, comedy, munawar, hindu, hindu gods, hindu sentiments, jokes on hindu gods, jokes on hindus, bajrang dal, hindu organizationsMunawar Faruqui planned shows in Mumbai, Goa and Gujarat over the last two months were also cancelled over threats of vandalism. In the light of recent developments, Faruqui has found some support on social media while many are not happy with his content and they straightly demand the ban.

“We must accept the fact that Munawar Faruqui, a comedian, is condemned by the majority because of his jokes on Hindu religion and religious deities. This ban is not because he is Muslim. These narratives are coming from left-liberals and those media houses who have always advocated minority against the majority,” said Imran Mulla, a social activist from Mumbai.

“We have many Muslim comedians in India, why no one called for a ban? Because religion is not part of their comedy, I am Muslim tomorrow if someone makes fun of Islam I might demand bad and stricter punishment,” Mulla said further.

Deepak Saini a stand-up comedian said, “First of all, a very small section is treating abuses as comedy. One hundred and fifty people come to listen in clubs, bars; they are not there in mainstream shows because no one listens to abuses in the mainstream. It is the fashion of these English showmen to abuse only one religion. Comedy actors Umar Sharif, Johnny Lever also do comedy but it used to be a clean show. It is good to have abusive shows cancelled when PM and CM rallies get cancelled, why not these kinds of typical shows? My fight is for clean comedy.”

Rupal Mistry, an animation director said, “Why should we point out Munawar Faruqui? There have been many before him and there will be many after that. Hinduism has been a punching bag for centuries. India is a failed democracy and that is the reason why some people are daring to take on Hindu beliefs and mocking the practices. In their efforts to defend the comedian, liberandus are now dragging Charlie Hebdo and France in order to defend Faruqui. Comedy needs balance and it’s high time Faruqui needs to mend his ways.”

Nishant Varma a political analyst said, “Laughter is the best medicine is a therapy for hearty living. Comedy is one of the most appreciated aspects of life. To ban a comedian for allegedly insulting religion is not acceptable. In the case of Munawar Faruqui, the alleged insult to Hindu Gods is a Sub-Judice Matter in the court of law and he hasn’t been held guilty of any charges made, yet. Additionally, he was Granted Bail by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, after considering all the aspects alleged at him.”

Moreover, the Supreme Court did not levy any restrictions on his future shows while granting him bail. This speaks a thousand words itself as he is Free to do shows as per Hon’ble SC, the apex Law adjudicator in India. It has been observed that certain groups of people are fanatically opposed to his shows and are not allowing the shows to happen, even when he is free to do so. Primarily he is cancelling shows for the safety of audiences. Even the Law empowering agencies are worried about the threats given by some groups for obstructing his shows and even carrying out mass revolt.”

Navin Prabhakar a comedian said, “I have been doing comedy for decades but never touched any sensitive topics. We are here to bring laughter to public life but not stress or communal violence. Munawar Faruqui has achieved a height of success. Sometimes artist’s content and the personal view gets clashed. People mistake his views as personal opinions and mistake him as his performing views. In Faruqui’s case, his comedy looks selective attack. And when people are saying they are not amused but hurt, he is playing religion as a victim card.”

Mohan Gowda, Spokesperson Hindu Jan Jagruti (Karnataka) said, “In every program, he is continuously insulting Hinduism and Hindu Gods. He is not apologetic after hurting Hindu sentiments; more in it he is advocating his statements. I urge the Central government to ban him permanently and take stern action against him. We want a revisionary law to be enacted that can be implied on hurting religious sentiments. He is targeting Hindus because Hindus do not retaliate suddenly. First, they insult us then after the complaint an FIR is registered after giving a statement he is again free to hurt Hindu Religion? How long should we tolerate this?”

Adv. Minal Mittal said, “Nowadays controversy gets viral very fast. Propaganda is then created internationally or Geo politically if we raise a voice against cultural blasphemy. In spite of being the majority, we are treated as a minority in our own country? There have been several instances when such entities have insulted Hindu Religion and yet have not been opposed. There has to be widespread condemnation of these comedians who are hell-bent on insulting our religious sentiments. Nowadays, criticising the Hindu religion has become famous, our religious practices and tradition are made fun of because globally Hindu is less in population. It’s high time we have to unite for our rights and religion.”


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