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Muslim man worships Goddess Durga after being blessed with girl child

It’s not so long ago when some fringe elements had demanded to keep one community away from the Garba pandals during Navaratras, citing religious affiliations. Little did they know then that true devotion sees no such bars.

Breaking all man-made religious barriers, a Muslim man in Bhawani Mandi of Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur region has been worshipping Goddess Durga by keeping traditional Garba and organising bhandaras in his area.

The reason behind his devotion towards Goddess Durga is the wish he had made in one of her temples which later came true.

45-year-old Altaf Khan has two sons and ten years back he wished for a baby girl to complete his family. He visited Dudhakhedi Mata temple and made the wish. Soon he was blessed with a girl child.

Since then, Khan, a practising Muslim, has been celebrating Navratras with full devotion. The local Hindus also assist him in following this tradition.

Khan has named his daughter Nagma which he believes has three meanings.

Nagma if divided into three parts means: Na for Navaratras, G for Garba and Ma for mother.

He also claims that his financial condition has improved after the birth of his daughter, as per the report.

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