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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Muslim womens said “It is not right for men to get married for second time “

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Muslim,women,Allahabad High court
Muslim,women, Allahabad High court | Image: Representative/PTI

This week Allahabad High Court passed an order which stated that a man cannot marry for the second time if he is not able to foster his first wife and their children.

A Muslim man should not marry two or three times even if he is allowed to do so. Many Muslim women said that “A man in the Muslim community can marry for the second time only if that woman is widowed or not being accepted by the society” but some men in today’s generation have altered those rules as they are marrying women and considering it as a fashion.”

On this issue, Sahera Khan leader of the Samajwadi Party told Afternoon Voice that “ If a man is not capable of fostering the first wife and children then he should not get married and second marriage is only possible if the first wife allows the husband to get married. Second marriage is allowed when the man will be marrying the woman who is widowed and financially ill or protector for that woman”.

Asma Basha Sheikh from the Samajwadi Party said that “In the Shariya an Islamic tradition it is said that men can get married only if it is allowed by the first wife has given the permission and if the man is financially strong. If the man is not financially supportive and just doing it for name sake then it is wrong and the man should not get married”.

Asif Ahmed Zakaria from Indian National Congress Party said “ If women are not given any equal rights then men should not marry for the second time”.

Hasina Khan working for an activist said that “It is a very contradicting statement as the court should not give a verdict by referring to any holy book it should pass the judgment which is fit as per the law and some men get married only for physical relationships. It is not right even if they are financially fit. Men can proof about the expenses which were done for the wife and children but it becomes difficult for women to prove any violence. Some men do not even get married for the second time but they are into a relationship with other women for their own needs”.

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