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NaMo’s slogan hurts sentiments

NaMo-sloganCongress, Sanatan Sanstha have raised objection against the usage of the slogan Har Har Modi.

Narendra Modi’s supporters seem to have gripped under the Modi mania as they have been chanting the slogan ‘Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi’. The slogan was extensively used during rallies held by Modi. Congress and Sanatan Sanstha raised objection against this slogan. The party had filed a complaint with the Election Commission and said that the usage of religion is against the model code of conduct. The party had demanded the de-recognition of BJP and action against Modi for using the slogans which might hurt religious sentiments.

Anand Dakotia, spokesperson Santhan Sanstha said, “We oppose the usage of slogan Har Har Modi and we strongly condemn it. To use deity’s name for pursuing political interest is unjustified.”

He further added, “We also have objections against people morphing the pictures of Lord Krishna and Goddess Durga. Use of deity’s words, slogans, pictures should be avoided while campaigning for election. We are pleased to know that Narendra Modi has appealed to his supporters to refrain from using the words Har Har Modi and they have coined a new slogan.”

The slogans were found written on the walls, party posters and billboards. Some supporters had even formed few songs while using the same slogan. Soon after the slogan Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi became popular many BJP leaders had claimed that ‘even God could not stop Modi from becoming the PM. Congress also raised objections against the use of Lord Shiva in the backdrop of a rally held by Modi. The party also alleged that BJP is only trying to play with the religious sentiments of people by projecting Modi as larger than life.

Dwarka peeth Shankarachayra Swaroopanand Saraswati raised an objection to the slogan and registered a strong protest with RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, asking him to stop such “vyakti puja” (worship of individuals). He also asked the party workers to stop the use of the slogan and politicising it for selfish gains.

According to Swami Ji “After learning about it, I called up Bhagwat (RSS chief) and asked him to stop such chanting, which is an insult to Lord Shiva. I told him that converting ‘Har har Mahadev’ into ’Har Har Modi’ must be stopped. Instead of worshiping god, it is an attempt to worship a particular human being and is against Hindu religion.”

In his reply, Bhagwat claimed that RSS is always against man-worshiping. Bhagwat also added that some party workers are die-hard loyalists of Modi and hence are using the slogans.

Modi later appealed to his supporters to refrain from using the slogan. He tweeted “Some enthusiastic supporters are using slogan ‘Har Har Modi…’ I respect their enthusiasm but request not to use this slogan in the future.”

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