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Nana Patole weakening the MVA alliance in state accuses Congress Veteran

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Nana Patole indicated a threat to the existence of the MVA government in Maharashtra. He believes that the NCP has backstabbed Congress and poached their tall leaders to NCP. While speaking to a newspaper Patole said NCP had backstabbed his party by allying with BJP for Gondia and Bhandara Zilla Parishad polls.

To which a veteran Congressman told Afternoon Voice, “Nana Patole is trying to become larger than what he is and that is not happening, moreover NCP and Sena are appreciated for their performance, Patole should make some positive efforts, by making false allegations he is weakening the MVA alliance and supporting the BJP.”

Meanwhile, Congress’s high command has not taken any decision to go against Sharad Pawar but they have decided to have a dialogue with the NCP supremo. In Bhiwandi Municipal Corporation, NCP took all the Congress corporators into its fold. Patole said, “NCP is making every effort to deteriorate Congress. Steps taken by NCP have in fact supported BJP at all levels. The Amravati District Central Cooperative Bank and the Bhiwandi Municipal Corporation or whether it was the allocation of funds, NCP had taken Congress for a trip.”

In the Bhandara and Gondia ZP elections, there was non-cooperation and NCP paid no heed to the complaints of Patole. Instead, NCP joined hands with BJP’s alleged Congress leader. Patole said after the 2019 assembly elections that BJP had emerged as the single largest party, it could not have formed the government, Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena had decided to join hands and form the government. Congress had then not staked claim to the CM’s post. The Congress’s high command agreed to form the government as its main aim was to keep BJP out of power.

Former CM and Congress leader Prithviraj Chauhan said, “It’s time to work hard and connect the people ahead of BMC elections. we need to discuss people’s problems rather than getting into an internal scuffle.”

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