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Neelam Katara unhappy over DP Yadav sharing dais with BJP chief Amit Shah

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Nitish Katara’s mother Neelam Katara on Wednesday expressed her anguish over DP Yadav sharing the stage with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Amit Shah, saying that such steps don’t augur well for the common man.

“I would only say that it is sad. We have been hearing about Sabka Saath and Achhe din, so if they are Acche din for people like DP Yadav, then I do not know what kind of days and time has come for the ordinary people of this country. And it is not about me individually, but it sends a very clear message which has been against the message they have been trying to send ever since May,” said Katara.

DP Yadav recently shared stage with BJP chief Amit Shah in a couple of rallies in Haryana where the latter was campaigning for party candidates ahead of the Assembly polls slated to be held on October 15.

He is the father of Vikas Yadav, who, along with his cousins Vishal and Sukhdev, has been held guilty of murdering Nitish Katara because he was involved in a relationship with his sister Bharti Yadav.

Katara also stated that she was hopeful that the BJP would do a course correction in this regard.

“I am still hoping because there are lot of people, who are very supportive, and I respect a lot within the BJP and I am sure this goes for course correction. I am not interested as to why it happened. What I want to know is if there is going to be course correction from now,” she added.

“I am nobody to ask the BJP for clarification but I don’t look back and I want to see the way ahead and I hope this is just a one of thing and there will be course correction. We are talking about honour killing crimes, what kind of message are we trying to send to Haryana and elsewhere in the country. So I hope there will be course correction, otherwise, it is a very sad day for the common people of our country,” she said.

Drawing the attention of how Prime Minister Narendra Modi respects his mother, she stated anyone who cares for their mother will stand by her.

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