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Netizens question the intent of NCB official’s selfie with Aryan Khan

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Soon after the detention of the eight people named Munmun Dhamecha, Nupur Sarika, Ismeet Singh, Mohak Jaswal, Vikrant Chhoker, Gomit Chopra, Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant. The NCB officials selectively clicked a selfie with Aryan Khan alone and consciously leaked it to media.

Netizens gave mixed reactions to the selfie but most of them questioned the intent of the officer. Overnight Wankhede grabbed a lot of limelight and news space. The officer’s name was trending on Twitter for the whole day. Social media users were not amused by the selfie but many of them expressed their disappointment.

Jalja Sitaram, a former cop said, “Drug peddlers should be handled with an iron hand. But in this case, no drug dealers or suppliers are nabbed but some celebrity kids were thrown in front of the media. Aryan Khan’s name went viral just because he is Sharukh Khan’s son and was one of the eight people being questioned by the Narcotics Control Bureau. Meanwhile, the investigating officer clicking the picture with celebrity kid and making it viral is shameful.”

The event, named Cray’Ark, was organised by FashionTV India with Namascray onboard the Cordelia, an Indian cruise liner. Interestingly, a document called the Crayark Bible that was circulated by the event managers of the cruise had “no drugs or illegal substances” as part of the party. Then from where and how the drugs got in the cruise is a big question.”

Actor Suniel Shetty told Afternoon Voice, “There are hundreds of raids across the city and many are taken for investigations. But Bollywood is the media’s prime target. Let us assume that Aryan has consumed something, or this child has done that. The investigation is ongoing. We should give some right to privacy to that young boy. Media should give the child an opportunity, let the real reports come out, till then, he’s a child, taking care of him is our accountability.”

Naiyar Imam SiddiquiNaiyar Imam Siddiqui, a professor said, “Members of the NCB Mumbai branch entered the cruise as passengers. It means they had confirmed information regarding drugs and rave parties on the cruise which was going from Mumbai to Goa. Reportedly NCB has seized some banned drugs from the cruise and questioned eight persons who are detained and their medical test will be done. Among the eight persons who are detained, one of them is Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan who is a famous figure and at the time of Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case Bollywood and nepotism with drugs were much discussed so when the media get this “breaking news” they are talking more about Aryan, SRK and drugs links since then, without these names they can’t get TRP rating which they are dreaming and they are not talking about the other seven names because those names won’t help the greedy media for hyped TRP nexus.”

Nitin Rane (name changed) who works as a Coffee House Manager with Regal Caribbean Cruise said, “For such kind of parties, usually the whole cruise is booked, it is a millionaire’s deal. It happens in every part of the world. Drug pedallers and druggists are present on the cruise. We have witnessed such throw parties.”

He further said, “In our country it is illegal and crime whereas in some other countries it is legally permissible. The arrangement is mutually done under the supervision of the organizers and the cruise management.”

Tejas ShahTejas Shah said, “It is not TRP, news or publicity, it is money. Normal gradual’s parents (if available) won’t spend crores to save their brats… while here money in the backdoor channel will be flowing. Till now no case is filed against junior Khan some negotiations must be in proceedings. Cops are happy clicking pictures and posing with Aryan.”

Anand VeeralAnand Veeral said, “I have visited the Leopold Cafe in Mumbai only once and as I came out and lurked around outside for some time waiting for my friend, I was approached by at least 3 drug peddlers offering anything from marijuana to LSD, and this in the centre of a bustling public place. How can peddlers work with such impunity without the collusion of police?”

In a statement, NCB said drugs like ecstasy, cocaine, mephedrone and charas were recovered from the cruise and a case had been registered. A team of the NCB has been sent to nab the drug peddler who supplied drugs to the cruise ship party. The name of a drug peddler came to light during the interrogation of those who were detained. The NCB is also looking for a person named Gopal Anand. Gopal Anand had a major role in organising the party on the ship.

Twitter user @Lost_human19 tweets “NCB officials taking selfie with SRK’s son. Ho chuka fair investigation fir to”

Another tweeter user @theprayagtiwari tweets the picture and says Scenes from the NCB office.

“@SRKsFARHA_: Ye Narcotics officer ke to bhagya khul gaye jaise.. Look at the glow on his face after a selfie whith #AryanKhan”

The Director-General (DG) of NCB said, “Detailed information on the incident would be sent to the Shipping Corporation of India and the shipping ministry. He said the NCB had received information about the rave party about 15 days ago.”

“We had received very confidential information 15 days ago about the drugs party on the ship after which we carried out this operation. We have got evidence against those who have been detained. People who organised this party on the ship will have to face an inquiry, they cannot escape the investigation,” the DG NCB further added.


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