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No dialogue unless Pakistan defeats non-state actors: RSS

After India provided Pakistan with tangible evidence of its link to Pathankot attack, pro-RSS publication ‘Organiser’ has said it is time the neighbouring country delivers by defeating non-state actors within, without which composite dialogue cannot happen.

The publication also said certain lapses in the security, as pointed out by the Defence Minister, were a “worrying factor” due to the alleged “complacency” by the Punjab Police and possibility of “illicit assistance from within.” The publication also stated that if Pakistan can deliver to China on the Red Mosque episode in 2007 after abduction of Chinese citizens by radical elements or allow Abbotabad operation to take place on its land by US to kill the ‘hero of all terrorists’, it can certainly show some tangible actions to take the dialogue process forward with India.

rss“Non-state actors operate within boundaries of state with overt or covert support of some elements within. Therefore, national governments have to make a firm resolve to defeat them, without that no composite dialogue can take place.

“Resultantly, non-state actors become state themselves, as happened in case of the IS. Hope Pakistan does not move in the same direction.,” the editorial in ‘Organiser’ said.

Referring to certain lapses in the security as pointed out by the Defence Minister, the editorial also said the “worrying factor is the alleged complacency by the Punjab Police and possibility of illicit assistance from within” as the same infiltration route which was use for Gurudaspur attack was used again, which highlights the need to strengthen the need for effective border management.

It also said that after India provided credible and actionable intelligence to Pakistan, it has to deliver on terror front to justify the diplomatic clich ‘we are also a victim of terror’ as equipments, uniforms and handlers of Pathankot attack and links with parallel attack on the Indian Consulate in Mazar-e-Sharif does not support that claim.

It further said that the threat of terrorism is equal for Pakistan as a nation, which has to be reflected in action now.

“It is not a secret that Pakistan as state, including the military establishment, is under tremendous pressure to talk with India. It is also possible that some of the elements are operating independently. Still, these rogue elements are creation of Pakistan’s India policy and this is an undisputable fact,” the RSS publication said.

“When the surprise diplomacy was on in December (Narendra Modi’s visit to Lahore on December 25), the sceptics were raising the alarming voices. Pakistan did not prove them wrong. Yet again, India gave try to peace diplomacy and received with terror offensive from Pakistan side. Pathankot attack on critical base has certainly posed many diplomatic and strategic challenges for India. At the same time, it has put the ball in Pakistan’s court to take decisive action based on evidence provided by India,” it said.

The ‘Organiser’ said “neither mere blaming Pakistan as perpetrator of cross-border terrorism nor cornering government for the sake of opposition will yield any results”.

It said this Pathankot operation again underlined the need for a unified command in border areas for better coordination and execution and ensuring self-sufficiency in defence sector is the right approach adopted by government” but to recover the lag created due to lack of decision-making and corruption charges during the earlier government has to be quickly filled up in acquisition process”.

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