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No Rallies, No Big Public Programs On Shiv Jayanti

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Shiv Jayanti, the birth anniversary of the iconic 17thcentury ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on February 19, is celebrated in Maharashtra with great fervor and excitement. However, in a view of the COVID 19 pandemic, the Maharashtra government on Thursday announced that this year there will be no rallies or big public gatherings on Shiv Jayanti this year.

The government has urged the people to avoid big public events and asked them to celebrate the occasion in a simple, manner due to the global pandemic.

Shivaji Maharaj was born on February 19, 1630, on the Shivneri fort in the Pune district and people gather on that and other forts in large numbers on the midnight of February 18 every year. The government advisory reads, ” It is expected that Shiv Jayanti festival will be celebrated in a simple manner without coming together on a big scale to avoid the spread of COVID-19.”

Processions, motorbike rallies should be avoided and cultural programs should be telecast through cable networks or online platforms instead of holding them in public. Statues or portraits of Shivaji Maharaj can be garlanded in the presence of maximum of 10 persons by observing social distancing, according to the release advisory.

The government has planned several blood donation camps and programs to spread awareness about COVID-19, malaria, dengue and other diseases while observing social distancing.

Meanwhile, on February 10, Maharashtra recorded new 3451 coronavirus cases. Out of these, Mumbai reported 558 new fresh Covid cases.

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