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North Indians to commute 1500 km to vote for Modi

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vote-for-ModiNot only political parties but the common man too is eagerly looking forward to the general election. Many north Indians belonging to UP and Bihar are planning to visit their village to cast their votes in favour of BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. These people are registered voters in their native place and hence can’t exercise their franchise in Mumbai. Most of these voters belong to lower middle class and are employed as vendors, drivers and grocers in the city. They want Narendra Modi to become the next prime minister of India.

When AV spoke to Sujeet Mishra, a rickshaw driver from Andheri, he said, “I am registered as a voter in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh hence I will visit my hometown to cast my vote in favour of BJP. Everyone is saying that Narendra Modi is good candidate for the prime minister’s post hence I will vote for his party.”

Sachin Yadav, a vendor from Malad, said, “I have planned to visit my village during the upcoming Lok Sabha election. Since I am citizen of India hence it is my right to cast my vote. As of now, I have planned to vote for Narendra Modi.”

Bholanath Chaubey, a taxi driver from Goregaon said, “I have not decided that which party I will be voting for. I have heard that Narendra Modi had worked for the development of Gujarat hence I want him to lead the nation.”

Jaiprakash Pandey, a dabeli vendor from Kandivali said, “After visiting Narendra Modi’s rally at BKC I was inspired by his speech. He will work for the welfare of the nation and provide good governance.”
Rajan Tiwari, a rickshaw driver from Malad, said, “I can’t cast my vote in Mumbai as my name is registered in voter list of my village Baliya. I will vote for Narendra Modi and he should become the Prime Minister of India.”

Raghuveer Vishwakarma, a taxi driver from Santacruz said, “I belong to Uttar Pradesh and I had arrived in Mumbai three years ago for earning my livelihood. I am confused whether I should vote for Arvind Kejriwal or Narendra Modi as I admire both of them.”

Vinod Sharma, a vendor from Goregaon said, “Indians are already fed up rising corruption hence we need a change. I will cast my vote in favour of Narendra Modi after visiting my village.”

Kishor Pathak, a rickshaw driver from Jogeshwari said, “We only get an opportunity to exercise our franchise in five years. I will visit my village to cast my vote in favour of Narendra Modi.”

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