Home Top News ‘Now I will fight for BJP from Bangladesh also’

‘Now I will fight for BJP from Bangladesh also’

‘Now I will fight for BJP from Bangladesh also’

Rakhi Sawant regrets her decision to part ways with BJP and wants to rejoin the party.

Bollywood item girl turned politician Rakhi Sawant is unhappy with her decision to disassociate herself from BJP during the recently concluded Lok Sabha election. Rakhi was offered a BJP ticket from Srirampur in West Bengal for contesting Lok Sabha election. However, she declined the party’s offer and instead floated her own party Rashtriya Aam Party (RAP) a move which proved costly for Rakhi as she managed to secure only 1995 votes from Mumbai-North West constituency.

Speaking about her decision to part ways from a party which has formed government at the centre Rakhi said, “I regret my decision to distance from BJP and forming my own party. It was one of the worst decisions which I have taken in my life. I should have continued to remain in the party irrespective of whether I have been allotted a ticket from West Bengal, Bangladesh instead of Mumbai.”

Rakhi has resigned from her party Rashtriya Aam Party (RAP) and is keen to join BJP. She was contesting against Gajanan Chandrakant Kirtikar of Shiv Sena, Gurudas Kamat of Congress and Mayank Ramesh Gandhi of Aam Aadmi Party.
Speaking about her future plans in politics Rakhi emphasised that, “I want to do everything on my own as there is nobody to guide me. I will learn a lot by joining BJP. The doors of the party are open for me and if it gets shut then I will try other options but I don’t think that party will say no to me.”

Known to be very outspoken, Rakhi says that she has gained maturity after making a foray into politics. She said, “I have become very mature after entering politics. In politics one has to choose his words very carefully before issuing any statement. The language used in film industry is quite different from the one used in politics. Both film and political experience is very vital for me and the latter teaches me what to say and what not to say. Through politics, I can interact with the people about the work performed by me and I will remain answerable to them. I have not studied much about politics but I have observed the functioning of the BJP party.”

Thus Rakhi has finally realised her mistake and wants to join BJP. She urged the saffron party to offer her an opportunity to serve the masses.

When asked about who is her role model in politics Rakhi replied, “I am influenced by former prime minister of India Indira Gandhi, Smriti Irani, Sushma Swaraj and Mayawati. I want to become like Sushma Swaraj. A daughter can’t stay far away from her father for too many days and a father can’t be angry towards his daughter for many days.”