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NSG says no to VVIP security duties in the future

The NSG, which protects the most ‘vulnerable’ VVIPs of the country, has decided to stop taking any more protectees under its elite ‘black cat’ commando security cover.

The special force has taken this decision to ensure the most fool-proof and strict security to the existing VVIPs under its cover which includes the likes of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and a number of Chief Ministers.

“We will not be able to manage more protectees under our cover. We protect the most vulnerable of the VVIPs and according to our mandate and present strength we will not be able to take anymore such duties,” said NSG Director General J N Choudhury.

The elite commandos of the federal counter-terror force guard 15 VVIPs at present, who are accorded the top security categorisation of ‘Z+’, which generally entails over two dozen armed commandos with a host of gadgets and security paraphernalia to secure the individual.

The NSG DG said it was essential to put a cap on the number VVIPs being guarded by the NSG as this allows his commandos to train and rest better, after which he or she is able to provide an “alert” and the “best” proximate security in the country as compared to other special units of central paramilitary forces.

“VIP security is not our mandate but we have been doing this as it was required and decided by the Ministry of Home Affairs. We are a special force and our strength is in our compactness,” the DG stated.

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