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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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On Women’s day women want security and respect

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International Women's DayInternational Womens day, womens day, womens, day, international, 08 March,After the gimmick of our Prime Minister of giving an inspirative woman to handle is social media account, AV spoke to several women and asked them what as to what they expect from the Prime Minister of India, And from the response that we got, we haven’t got an overwhelming reaction. But they definitely have their opinions about him.

“As far as we know, there is no evident female influence in Modi’s life. After an arranged marriage as a teenager, he left his wife (a school teacher in a poor village) and as his political star rose, he never mentioned about her until this year. He didn’t visit his own mother or the rest of his family for 30 years after leaving home, according to what his younger brother says. He is rarely pictured with female associates or advisers and his top aides in his political campaign are men. The massive political rallies for Modi are attended by male at large. Still, he is the most popular prime minister among women voters because they expect some livable situation for those women who reside in rural and under privileged zones. They may not be even aware that Modi has some social media account, Such stunts can impress fortunate and privileged women but not those. He should do something for them.”

– Purnima Mistry
Social worker and Home maker

“We need to promote our culture more and need more help from the government in terms of funds for spreading the true art of India amongst the people. My expectation from the PM is that the Indian Classical Dance, Music and Arts be given more encouragement and support.”

– Vaidehi Rele
Classical dancer

“No I don’t think so, all women who are struggling in their day-to-day lives are inspiration to one another. Sharing a story does not help, it is just that we get motivated but in actual terms, Modiji should come up with some other options like providing job opportunities to women, provide better medical facilities, free education on higher level courses.”

– Neelu Gupte
LLP Accountant

“I expect nothing else but little respect to the womanhood which is an inseparable part of humankind from Modiji and other men in this earth.”

– Rohini Salian
Advocate and former Public Prosecutor

“What Mr. Modi is doing is not logical by surrendering social media accounts for a day. This will not help. It is absolutely absurd and this will not prove anything at all. My expectations from him are very simple and basic to which every women will agree, I believe. If he really wants to do something for women, then he can do it by giving them a well protected and respectful environment to breathe in and an environment that is free from patriarchy and all negative ailments.”

– Shivani Lokhande
HR Executive

“I am afraid my views on this might be too polemic but I think this move is more gimmicky than anything else. If Mr. Modi really cares for women empowerment and wants to create a safe environment in our country, he must condemn the kind of violence that is used as a tool to silence the voices of women coming from minorities who had the courage to come out and protest peacefully for their community in in Shaheen Baug. One of the top items in the Delhi riot’s relief charity list on Amazon was contraceptives. Women in the city’s capital are removing their hijab just to feel safe. These facts say a lot more about the safety atmosphere created for women in our country today. So I would like the prime minister of our country to assess situations like these instead of fake social media gimmicks.”

– Shivani Kuthe
Employee in IT company, Bangalore

“My only expectation from PM Modiji on Woman’s Day today is that he should speak to the women protestors of Shaheen Baug and put all their queries to rest. Since this day is dedicated to woman, an open communication gesture by him would speak volumes of his concern and respect for women of all religions and discuss their “Mann ki Baat”. This will resolve their protest peacefully and add to the much needed harmony in volatile and divided Delhi.”

– Rupal Mistry
Animation film director

“I have great expectations form Modiji regarding the safety of girls and women. The kind of atrocities we hear every day is painful. We all have voted for him believing his slogan, “band karo nari par var”. Though his sarkar came back to power for the second time, but the problems still remain in a standstill. I also want some special announcements for small female business entrepreneurs, so that business becomes easier for them.”

– Vaishali Muley

“We should have a single “Divorce Act and Family law” instead of separate religion based acts for Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Parsi, Jews etc. What is the purpose of continuing so many Acts introduced by the British? Maintenance and spousal support is not raising her dignity, instead helping a woman become financially independent and dignified by providing higher salary and creating jobs to help her pay for her accomodation and safety especially when she has physically suffered set back during pre and post natal period and remained at home during nurturing stage of infant and has no means to pay for day care will help. Modiji has to seriously attend to gender discrimination and disparity of salary between men, women and transgenders for the same post. India still has higher pay package for men. Transgenders should also be treated as women or else they will suffer begging, rape, humiliation and prostitution.”

– Pratibha Bangera

“I expect Modiji to keep my India safe and secure physically, financially and spiritually. He said he is the chowkidar of our Nation, I believe his commitment towards our Nation, and it’s time for him to guard his citizens against all odds.”

– Zenobia Khodaiji
Tarot card reader

“Since crime against women is on the rise in our country, I want from PM Modi that he should make some law for the same. And it’s important to do something for the security of women. Modi ji should think from in and out on this subject and take necessary action..”

– Padmashri Soma Ghosh
Classical Singer

“I expect free and quality education till graduation for the financially backward people. There are many other measures to be taken for the upliftment of women..”

– Apurva Cherkupalli
Student from Telangana

“Women are the symbol of power. If given opportunities, she can help strengthen the economy of the country and maintain self financial security, enhance skill development leading to empowerment and giving her right to live with respect and dignity. True love is giving women, assurance of being respected, honoured and looked upon with equality in society. Giving women freedom to live fearlessly. .”

-Archana Sharma

“I demand safety and equality for women. In our male dominant society females are treated like some machines that have to live only to fulfill others expectations like husbands, in-laws and kids at home and boss at work. We women are still not independent to live as per our choice. Over that, incidents of women exploitation and rape are rampant. Female foeticides are increasing day-by-day. Victims should be hanged punished to death then and there so that such shameful acts may be prevented in future.”

– Bhakti M Vanjara

“I believe both men and women are equal. Unfortunately everyone does not have a similar mindset. It’s important that this is inculcated in all the stratas of the society. To inform and educate properly is a responsibility. Being the prime minister of our country, Mr. Narendra Modi should influence the citizens regarding this. Another major issue is the safety of women in our country and he should work towards implementing strict laws for both men and women on subjects like rape, acid attacks, domestic violence to name a few. The progress and development of both men and women together is what this country needs.”

– Insiyah Burmawala
Social media executive in The Social Lions

“The relationship between a mther and a daughter is unique and precious. Women belonging to lower income strata face the challenge to sustain and the challenge of lack of self-representation. The Government is doing a commendable job educating the girl child. But, we need to find the root cause for circumstances existing in our society where a mother feels helpless and a daughter has lost direction. My expectation from our PM is to bring societal inclusion of all daughters and mothers from all socio-economic groups (through forums) to know how each one of us represent ourselves keeping aside the barriers of esteem, pride and ego. Through this, inspiration and motivation will be drawn to accept ourselves and find the source to break the glass ceiling to achieve the impossible. This will strengthen the mother-daughter bond unleashing the power of love and understanding.”

– Aditi Bairolu
National Chief Operating Officer OYE- Organization for Youth & Elderly

“It’s completely baseless to do such a thing, it’s clearly a PR activity to cover other issues in the country, be it CAA-NRC or disease epidemic. The media on the other hand, should not inflate such a news distracting from the mainstream issues that really matter to the common man. If PM Modi actually loves the women of our country he should address the women beaten up at protests and also address other main issues.”

– Arya Money
Entertainment journalist

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