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One Nation is fine but One Ration Card should solve the purpose

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) dubbed as One Nation, One Card. The indigenously-developed card will enable users to pay for multiple kinds of charges including transport, metro services, toll tax, parking charges, retail shopping as well as to withdraw money across the country. In short, it is a one-stop card for multiple utilities. One Nation, One Card will make our life easier by serving as the single card for all types of payments.

This One Nation, One Ration Card is to ensure no poor person is deprived of getting subsidised food grains under food security scheme when he shifts from one place to another in India. Wherever one might migrate within the nation, the card will give them all the facilities. This will also remove the chance of anyone holding more than one ration card to avail benefits from different states.

Migrant labourers will be the biggest beneficiaries of this initiative, as they will have food security. This will also provide freedom to the beneficiaries, as they will not be tied to any one PDS shop. It may curtail the occurrences of corruption.

In order to achieve this target, the food ministry will create a central depository of all ration cards, which will help in eliminating duplication. Moreover, the card will have all your biometrics that would be linked to the Aadhaar card. So, the duplication of documents and misuse can be controlled.

Just like Aadhaar Card, which can be used as ID card everywhere, One Nation, One Card can be used as “payment” card everywhere. I mean to say now, you don’t have to carry different cards for the payments of different things. You can easily purchase metro tickets if you have One Nation, One Card. This card is a solution to all your payment problems. Earlier, a shopping card issued in one city was not working in other cities. But One Nation, One Card works in all over India. RuPay powers this card. Automatic Fare Collection Gate (SWAGAT) and Open Loop Automatic Fair Collection System (SWEEKAR) under the Make In India project has developed this card. 25 banks are issuing the card across the country. This will take some time to get fully implemented. For its operation, the public needs to be aware of its benefits, usage, and procedures of getting it from their particular bank.

The One Nation, One Card is India’s first indigenously developed payment ecosystem. The One Nation, One Card can be compared to a RuPay debit/credit card issued by your bank. Along with a swipe-to-pay option, the transport ecosystem card will also be contactless, allowing quick payment options like your metro smart card. You can use the card on public transport systems like buses, metros and suburban railways and also while shopping. It can also be used to pay for parking and in toll booths. You need to contact your bank to be issued a One Nation, One Card.

NCMC has partnered with 25 banks for this initiative. The list includes SBI and the Punjab National Bank. In addition to this, the Paytm payments bank can also be used to issue the card. In some cases, travel cards issued in a particular city did not function in a different city or state. This newly launched card will eliminate this issue and will be usable across the country. Along with cashback offers on certain merchant outlets, the RuPay One Nation, One Card will also be accepted at Discover and Diners Club International merchants and ATMs. The automatic fare collection system has been installed in a few stations of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and the first level trials have been marked as successful. This technology only existed in a few developed countries of the world but we too have joined that club who have this interoperable, scalable, dual interface, open loop payment card for the payment system. We can say that this card is an advanced version of the metro smart card that people use for travelling through the metro.

Nevertheless, with this National Common Mobility Card, they can travel through various means of transport and can use it at various payment terminals. The transactions with this card are secured with EMV Technology. EMV is one of the globally available and adopted technologies for safeguarding transactions against fraud. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa. It is basically a global standard for debit and credit cards (chip-based cards) that ensures the security of payments at various PoS terminals. The National Common Mobility Card (NCMC), known as One Nation One Card, is a RuPay based card launched by the NDA Govt. on March 4, 2019. NCMC is definitely a good initiative and helps in hassle-free travel for people across India.

Ration Card is one of the most essential documents that every Indian is supposed to have. In India, there are two types of ration cards APL (Above Poverty Line) and BPL (Below Poverty Line). BPL ration card, however, is much sought after because of the benefits attached to it. Hope this one ration card has some provisions for both such categories or else with this new initiative, new corruption may hamper the intent of this scheme.

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