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Illness and its treatment costs are not uniform across India. For the same disease, it could vary vastly between different cities located in different parts of the country. Common people prefer to give up on life when it comes to medical expenses. The treatment charges of few common diseases like cancer, kidney failure, cataract, etc. are way unaffordable and above all the medical syndicate that sucks the common man to the core. In such adversities, One Rupee Clinic like ventures is blessings to the common public.

As the pandemic has spread, so have demands for the Indian government to regulate the rising costs of healthcare in private hospitals, which provide the bulk of the country’s medical treatment. India has nearly twice as many private hospitals as public ones—an estimated 43 487 versus 25 7781—despite about 85.9% of India’s rural population and 80.9% of its urban population having no health insurance.

Treatment at public medical facilities is free, but the quality of care varies greatly among states, and covid-19 has exposed the lack of government investment in terms of equipment, facilities, and staff. Existing vacancies haven’t been fulfilled, even as government run hospitals struggle without adequate manpower. Most ventilators are available only in private hospitals, and even then, they’re concentrated in just seven states. All of this serves to drive desperate patients towards private healthcare—if they can afford it.

Dr Rahul Ghule got the stirring idea of working for poor patients’ way back in 2014 while he was working as a medical officer at JJ hospital. He opened a charitable clinic in a slum in Colaba. He wanted to expand his services. Unfortunately, one day his mother met with a road accident and due to unavailability of timely medical treatment she was left paralysed. This incident made him realize the need to set up clinics at the most vulnerable place of MUMBAI; the railway stations. And when the government planned to start medical facilities at railway stations, he wasted no time to grab the opportunity. He started with around eight such clinics. Presently, there are more than 20 such affordable medical facilities, operative in and around MMR.

Ghule’s team of passionate doctors working for the noble cause are well trained and qualified MBBS/ BAMS specialists providing the best care. Committed to providing high quality preventive, promotive and curative health services, all we are is a few steps away from you. You get personal attention specific to your healthcare needs and truly, there can’t be anything better at the negligible cost. For the first time in India, Magicdil has come up with a noble concept of 1 RupeeClinic for the common man.

The one-rupee clinic was established in 2017, in a Joint Collaboration with the Government of India and Ministry of Railways, and was started at numerous local train stations in Mumbai metropolitan region. It not only provides a health checkup facility to the locals and commuters but also works as an emergency unit in case of rail accidents. Dr Rahul Ghule had kept a token charge of rupee one as a consultation fee along with very nominal rates of diagnostic tests.

Diseases and potential health risks won’t go unnoticed or unattended to, due to high expenses either. In a country, where 35% of the deaths are caused due to non – communicable and lifestyle related diseases, this visionary approach for providing health checkups and medical facilities at railway stations, in collaboration with the Govt. of India and Railway Ministry, is indeed a leap towards a healthier India.

In this time of COVID 19 crisis, Dr Rahul Ghule and his qualified team of One-rupee clinics, comprising of 750 medical staffs are tirelessly managing around ten Covid care centres in and around Mumbai. These care centres are set up by local civic bodies. Dr Rahul Ghule and Magicdil health are also managing a 165 bedded Covid hospital at Mira Road.

Approximately they are managing over 2500 Covid patients and that’s a commendable task. Ghule and his organisation not only takes proper care of their patients but they ensure that their team members are duly awarded for their duty. Additionally, he sees to it that all his One-rupee clinic doctors, nurses and even ward boys are paid handsomely and are duly insured. Moreover, the institution looks after their free accommodation and food for all their staff. This is the reason why these Covid warriors are working so efficiently under such tremendous pressure.

Intriguingly, hours afterword of his attempted suicide became the subject of news reports, Dr Rahul Ghule posted a tweet saying that all issues that had purportedly troubled him had been resolved, with the help of certain politicians he named. He said that those who were guilty have been punished, and added that 50 Aapla Davakhana clinics will open soon.