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Paid crowd at Sonia’s rally

Women protest against Congress party as it failed to pay money to them for participating in campaigning activities.

Soniaa-LeadThe Congress party had hired 3000 women in Gadchiroli for campaigning activities for eight days and had promised to pay Rs 100 to them. Many of them had aggressively campaigned for the party but they have not paid a single penny to the women. As a result of this, women became angry with the party and torn its symbols, pamphlets and other publicity materials. Congress party candidate Saguna Talandi had gathered women for the rally by promising to pay Rs 100 for them. Thus she managed to bring 3,000 women at the venue. Since women didn’t receive the money they became disappointed and protested outside Talandi’s office. After watching protesting women Congress party workers fled from the area. Later, police arrived at the spot and this issue was resolved with the intervention of Electoral Officer. This incident has tarnished the image of the party in Gadchiroli area.
“We had campaigned for the Congress party for eight days and the party had promised to pay Rs 100 daily. However, the party has refused to pay us the amount hence we are angry and protesting against it. Thus they have cheated us and we won’t vote for them in the assembly election” said a woman who was protesting outside Saguna Talandi’s office.

Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant said, “Right now I am campaigning for election so I am unaware about this issue. You may speak to any other leader regarding this issue.”

When we tried to contact Congress leaders Satej Patil and Milind Deora they remained unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, Congress president Sonia Gandhi attacked the BJP and said that the party has failed to deliver the promises made by it before coming to power. She also added that the party was only misleading people and indulging in politics of hatred. She said, “Today BJP and Shiv Sena are making you believe they are fighting their battles separately, but in reality they are one and only causing confusion among voters. Don’t lower your guard and don’t be misled by their mask of development.”

“You have tried them before. Don’t you remember what happened while they were in power? Vasooli (extortion) was rampant and there was an atmosphere of fear everywhere. Their only aim is to spread hatred among people and make people fight each other,” she said.

“When Modi went to America, who knows what he did there, but he has ensured that prices of lifesaving medicines go up exponentially, thus burdening the common man. How will common man survive now? Is this why we have a government? A government’s job is to work for the people,” the Congress leader said.

Tweeples were tweeting about this issue on social networking sites. Here are some of them.

  • Chandan Shukla ‏@chandan_sh
    Ha ha ha ho raha congress nirman
  • Amit Sharma ‏@tweet2012_13
    100 Rs so less and these women can vote her in 200Rs.. democracy how cheap?
  • anjani ‏@AidaAnjani
    Wonder what EC will say about paying 100/- to each women!!
  • Mrs Shrini ‏@bezubaan
    only 100 for women-for men it is alcohol +1 biriyani packet! @hasit108

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