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Pakistan: Three missing MQM workers tortured, brutally killed

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MQM Worker, Pakistan,
Image: ANI / Pakistan: Three missing MQM workers brutally killed extra-judicially

The gruesome extra-judicial killings of three Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) party workers in Pakistan have left people in sheer horror as their tortured bodies were recovered from different parts of Sindh province. Missing MQM activists — Irfan Basarat, Abid Abbasi and Waseem Akhtar aka Rajo were killed extra-judicially on Wednesday. Apparently, all three were in the custody of Paramilitary Rangers.

 Their tortured bodies were dumped in different areas of Sindh. Notably, the MQM leaders had been missing for several years after being arrested by Paramilitary Rangers. Paramilitary Rangers is an organization of the Pakistan Army whose sector and area commander is an army captain or major rank officer. In the last 12 hours, people are deeply saddened by the extrajudicial killing of three MQM workers. 

According to the details, Irfan Basarat Siddiqui son of Basarat Hasan Siddiqui belonged to PIB Colony in Karachi. He was arrested from his house in 2017. When his sister filed a petition in the Sindh High Court for the arrest and enforced disappearance of Basrat, she was threatened by the Rangers. The Rangers warned her not to mention their name in the FIR otherwise else she must be ready to face serious consequences. 

However, she refused to concede to them following which her brother Imran Basrat was also arrested by the Rangers. Basarat’s family keeps visiting the court for many years and tried to find out the whereabouts of Irfan Basarat but failed to get justice.

 On Wednesday tortured body of Irfan Basarat was thrown in the Shahpur chakar area of Shahdad pur city of Sanghar district of Sindh. Marks of brutal torture were evident on his whole body. Irfan Basarat Shaheed belonged to the MQM PIB Colony sector. His mother has also a worker of MQM.

 Another missing senior worker of MQM, Abid Abbasi son of Deen Muhammad Abbasi was arrested from his house in the Gulistan Johar area of Karachi on January 16, 2016, by law enforcement agencies.

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