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Partho-Debjani’s ‘disturbed history’ revealed in Kolkata ‘skeleton’ house case  

Even as police is scheduled to carry the coffin containing the skeleton of Debjani, which was found from Robinson Street ‘horror’ house whose septuagenarian owner allegedly committed suicide, the investigating officials on Friday disclosed that the deceased and her mentally unstable 45-year-old brother Partho De were victim of a family feud.

During the investigation, Partho, who has been kept under Doctor’s observation at a city hospital, revealed, for the first time, about his disturbed childhood. He also described about the sour relations between his father, uncle and grandmother over the Robinson Street house.

“In 1989, Arabindo De – father of Partho and Debjani returned from Bangalore to Kolkata after retiring from his job. But, they found that Arabindo’s younger brother Arun De has rented out the entire house,” the investigating officials quoted Partho as saying.

Further disclosing about the family feud, police said, “Soon the frequent fights between both the brothers started affecting the brother-sister duo. And this was enough reason from both of them to hate their uncle and grandmother.”

In a sensational discloser over why nobody found any foul smell from the rotten body of Debjani, the officials said that Debjani was into some spiritual practice  – ‘Life after death’ – due to which she was fasting from past many days, which could be a reason behind it.

Police also confirmed that before committing suicide on June 10, Arabindo had meet the Solicitor General on June 8, 2015.

Furthermore, for facial recognition of Debjani, the skeleton is being sent to Chandigarh Central Forensic Science Laboratory(CFSL) and samples are being sent to Kolkata’s CFSL for further investigation.

Meanwhile, Partho, according to the Doctors, is repeatedly asking for someone from the “mother’s house”, with whom he is saying he wants to interact.

Recently, Partho, was found living with his father and the skeletons of his sister and two pet dogs for six months. He is now recovering in Pavlov Mental Hospital.

However, Forensic examination has earlier revealed that Debjani died of natural causes and that the death occurred some six months back.

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