Pa(war) of words


Tu Tu Main Main has been intensified as the election dates are approaching. Senior leaders are using derogatory words against each others. Today, Sharad Pawar, Nationalist Congress Party chief said Narendra Modi needs to be “treated in a mental hospital for talking rubbish”. Modi must have deranged as he talks rubbish things and he is needs to be treated in a mental hospital. I was not surprised with Sharad Pawar’s comment. He has the habit of sabotaging others for his own ambition. From last fourteen years, he is running a government in alliance with Congress party and never gave this type of advice earlier. Today, when UPA is going through a bad phase, he is passing a rude comment.

Modi was talking about Congress Mukt Bharat and in Sunday’s rally in Amravati Modi had attacked Congress. He has not spared Ashok Chavan also. Pawar said, “Whether Modi knows the sacrifice and contribution of Congress in freedom struggle? Because of Congress’ ideology, we got freedom.”
Attacking back on Pawar, Uddhav Thackeray, Shiv Sena chief said, “Myself, Gopinath Munde, Ramdas Athavale and Raju Shetty opposed Pawar’s entry in the NDA and hence his dream of
joining the NDA broke even before elections.”

“Pawar is a politician who stands on two stones,” Uddhav said.

Those from the NDA praising Pawar should first visit families of farmers who have committed suicide and also criticised the Congress-NCP government for failing to help farmers affected by drought and unseasonal hailstorm.
Earlier also, Pawar said that SP had been opposing Congress party which led to the emergence of the third front. Pawar should realise that if weak rulers are not accepted by the public then corrupt are also refused by the same aam aadmi. Pawar is considered to be one of the most corrupt leaders and that’s the reason why he was brutally slapped by a common man in New Delhi. How can he forget such humiliation? I am not supporting the BJP or Shiv Sena but trying to expose the rotten face and false ambition of Sharad Pawar, who has the dream to become the Prime Minister of this country. Pawar also said that the people of the country have rejected Rahul Gandhi. Congress leaders will never accept you too, Mr. Pawar. According to Pawar, firm leadership is required for better decision making. Pawar should know that Congress was stronger in decision making and because of that, all corrupt leaders are breathing fresh air outside the jail. There is no doubt that Congress has got a jolt in the recently concluded polls but the alliance parties should be holding them at this moment like Farooque Abdulla of National Conference. The same Pawar parted with Congress party and formed new NCP because of Sonia Gandhi but again made alliance with Congress party and is happyily licking her boots.

Pawar has always played politics according to his convenience. Vasantdada Patil was a fine leader from the grass root who had built the fine cooperative movement of Maharashtra, but he was too much of a gentleman for the new era politics. So, Pawar pulled the carpet from Patil’s feet and formed Progressive Democratic Front (PDF) to become the chief minister. That was his first forage outside the Congress fold in the name of weak leadership. Pawar has not left the Congress because of weak leadership. Pawar did think at that time the leadership of Sitaram Kesari was weak and sought to take over from him in a contest for the office of the party’s president. Then PA Sangma and Pawar along with Tariq Anwar walked out of Congress after their attempt to storm the party failed. The former is now in political wilderness, but Pawar maintains his influence in Maharashtra and nurses his prime ministerial ambition, though his limited influence is mainly in the state. Tariq Anwar is Pawar’s assistant in Agriculture ministry. So, when Pawar speaks about weak leadership of the party, one should look around for new political formations before ensuing of general elections. The ‘Bechara’ rich farmer has his friends in all parties which are not untouchable for him, though some of them may consider him untouchable.

Sharad Pawar did the greatest damage and destroyed India by his worst policies, destructive governance, stupid economic policies etc. He has crippled this country sitting on Dawood’s laps. Pawar has always sheltered anti-national elements. Sharad Pawar, after the BJP leaders, is the happiest politician around today. By talking about the weak leadership of the Congress, he is fencing himself out of the UPA pack. If the cause of the Congress rout is unprecedented food price inflation, then the credit for the fall should fairly go to Pawar as he is the agriculture minister. He went on record and said he was happy that the farmers were earning more when the onion price touched Rs.100. Pawar is very much aware of what is happening in the market and how farmers lock themselves to a price much before their produce is ready for the market. His elation, on high food prices, on behalf of farmers was a ruse for not doing anything about markets which are flooded with both white and black money.

Anyways, Modi was called a “publicity stunt expert” by Sharad Pawar who accused him of misguiding people. “If corporate houses had not given so much financial support to Modi, would he have managed to get so much publicity?”



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