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Pepper-spray in Parliament, bangles and lipstick in Delhi assembly

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Delhi-assemblyOn a day pepper spray was used, a computer flung and a mic yanked out in unprecedented scenes in Parliament, the Delhi assembly was not far behind.

A BJP legislator, RP Singh, placed bangles and lipstick before Law Minister Somnath Bharti, who was targeted by the main opposition party over his raid at his constituency targeting African women he alleged were involved in a drugs and sex racket.

The Congress, which provides external support to the Aam Aadmi Party government, too joined the opposition in demanding Mr Bharti’s sacking.

A Congress lawmaker walked up to Delhi Speaker MS Dhir, tore up a file at his table and wrenched out his mic. The MLA, Asif Mohammad Khan, then walked to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and tried to rip out his mic too. Soon, other legislators followed and continued vandalism in the house.

“The Congress-BJP match-fixing was exposed today. I don’t think any legislature in the country has seen the BJP and the Congress joining hands this way,” said Mr Kejriwal.

“When the BJP was not slogan-shouting, then the Congress took over. When the Congress stopped, the BJP took over. It was coordinated.”

The AAP government has called the four-day assembly session to pass its two pet proposals, the anti-corruption Jan Lokpal Bill and the Swaraj Bill.

But the opening day was drowned out in protests, shouting and general chaos. The house was adjourned repeatedly, with BJP leader Harsh Vardhan declaring, “Unless the Law Minister is sacked, we will not let the House function.”

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