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Police are worst thanTaliban

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PoonamPandeyModel turned actress Poonam Pandey is miffed with the Mumbai Police for detaining her for indecent behavior in public place.Poonam compared the Police with Taliban and blamed the administration for questioning her. The actress was detained by Mira road Police station on Saturday Night for indecent behavior in public and was left after a warning.

Talking to AV, Poonam said, “I was not misbehaving in publice and was simply seated in the car with my brother.They had detained me at 1030 pm at night which is unjustified.Its a kind of Talibanisation of the Mumbai Police in the hands of local administration.If I can be pulled up for going on a drive with my brother, I shudder to think what would happen to any girl who goes out there with her boyfriend.”

In her defence Poonam laimed that she was not under the influence of alcohol when police was questioning her. She didn’t indulge in any act which would have created any distraction in the area.

MsPandey also added that she might have been targeted as she hails from Uttar Pradesh and her surname is Pandey.
“Initially, when cops were talking to me, they were very lenient to us.When they learnt that I am Poonam Pandey they started behaving rudely with me after hearing my surname as a Pandey. What is my fault if I am a Pandey? Cops also were trying to gain some mileage by targeting me.” Poonam added further.

Poonam said that cops were saying that she was skimpily dressed.I would like to clarifty that I was dressed appropriatelyand even girls wear shorts and tops to the campus which is more revealing.

Dhanaji Kshirsagar, Senior Police Inspector from Mira Road Police Station has claimed that the allegation made by PoonamPandey is baseless.He also added that the police was only doing their job.

Talking to AV, Dhanaji Kshirsagar said, “She is making irresponsible statement. We have detained Poonam forin decent behavior in public place. A witness has seen the model behaving indecentlyin public. The allegation which she made against the police that it treated her harshly is unjustified. When we took Poonam home then her mother thanked us to bring her back home.”

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