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Police is scared of loudspeakers than constitution: HJS

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Is the loud speaker in Masjid more important or greater than constitution of India asks Ramesh Shinde.

Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam has landed in controversy for his provocative tweets. The singer took to Twitter when he found himself woken up by the morning Azaan from a mosque presumably near his house. Nigam was apparently so annoyed by the sound of Azaan that he termed it as “forced religiousness”. Sonu then went on a Twitter rant as he put out a series of tweets on the subject and even questioned, “Why do I have to have this cacophony after Edison?”

All these while he never had any problems, but since the rule and government changed and Saffron agenda fetched benefits to many Bollywood personalities by supporting BJP, such as Anupam Kher, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Madhur Bhandarkar. So now everyone is trying their luck appeasing BJP by attacking Minorities.

National spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti Ramesh Shinde said, “Is the loud speaker in Masjid more important or greater than constitution of India? Supreme Court has already issued a verdict that noise making loudspeakers should be removed and also action should be taken against mosques.”

Inspite of such order, Kurla Police station’s police officers said, “There can be law and order problem if we take action against such loudspeakers.”

“No police actually wants to take action against this community. Looking at their attitude sometimes we feel that they are not scared of Supreme Court but they are scared of loudspeakers. While turning a blind eye towards these illegal loudspeakers which create sound pollution 365 days a year, the police administration is quick to book Hindus who celebrate Ganeshotsav and Navaratri. Is the police department admitting that the illegal loudspeakers atop mosques are mightier than the orders of the hon’ble High Court or the country’s laws?,” added Shinde.

Apurva Asrani – film writer and Editor replied stating, “Don’t want to hear the Azaan at dawn, nor do I want to hear a Chikni Chameli tuned Ganesh Aarti at dusk. Ban all loudspeakering of religion.”

Vedant Sharma a writer asks, “For whom these loud speakers are? If the religious people had to remind every day about Namaz, then it’s disgusting.”

Mahendra Singh and avid reader said, “Sonu Nigam and Abhijeet Bhattacharya should join the ruling party. Leave the singing career anyhow they are saturated and out of work now.”

Bilkis Bano a dancer said, “Minorities are soft target here in India now. They get publicity plus established bhakth supporters.”

Nehal Ahmad a social media commentator said, “When people like Sonu Nigam who once used to sing bhajans all night in “jagran” for livelihood has become famous singer is against Muslim Azan or prayer call which hardly takes one or two minutes, just because he woke up because of Azan is finding this as “forced religiousness”. May be Sonu had some marijuana because Indian streets are usually filled with music loudspeakers in every nook and corner with Hindu holy deities statues during various Hindu pujas. No Muslim has any problem with that.”

Shoheb Habib a journalist said, “The misery of Indian Muslims is growing to grow more due to these empty headed famous personalities making nonsense statements in an already highly polarized society. God help India and preserve it’s rich diversity and give these people some brain.”

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