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Powerful explosive PETN found in UP Assembly, CM Adiytanath seeks NIA probe

In a major security breach, a dangerous plastic explosive was found in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday informed the House, which unanimously recommended an NIA probe into it.

As soon as the House met this morning, the chief minister, who earlier chaired an emergency security meeting, informed that white powder was found wrapped in a paper close to the seat of the Leader of the Opposition Ram Govind Choudhry.

The explosive was found by the cleaning staff on July 12. After the powder was sent for FSL examination, it was found to be a dangerous plastic explosive PETN (Pentaerythritol tetranitrate), he said. The dog squad failed to detect the explosive.

“Initially it was thought that it was some powder or chemical but after FSL (Forensic Science Lab) report it was found to be PETN, which is high quality Hexogene and plastic explosive,” he said.

The quantity of the explosive was 150 grams. According to experts 500 gm of this explosive is enough to blow up the House, the chief minister said.

He said the explosive was found under the bench, third from where the Leader of Opposition sits.

“The security of the House is our concern. This is part of a dangerous terrorist conspiracy and should be exposed. The state government wants to get an NIA probe done in the matter and police verification of employees and officials working in Vidhan Bhawan,” he said and urged the Speaker to take a decision.

Stressing that there should be no compromise on security, the chief minister said joint efforts were needed to ensure this.

It is a “dangerous tendency that the security of the assembly has been breached when the House is in session,” he said.

“So far the government was worried about security outside the assembly, and now this has become a more serious matter,” he said and appealed to Speaker Hriday Narain Dixit to ensure police verification of the assembly staff because security of over 500 MLAs and MLCs was at stake.

Adityanath noted that it was not just a matter to be condemned by the House, but the need was to give a befitting reply.

The Speaker then said, “We all agree for the NIA probe to be done in the recovery of explosives to expose the conspiracy behind this.”

The chief minister also said, “As no one is allowed inside the House except legislators and marshals, the matter becomes serious. The matter is related with sentiments of 22 crore people of the state. As we have no objections in checking at airports, we (legislators) should also support this here. I also ask them not to bring mobile phones and keep their bags outside the House and a system should be evolved for this.”

The CM also mentioned lack of coordination between security agencies and said there was no mechanism to counter terrorist attack, if any, in the House.

“There should be Quick Response Team (QRT) at every gate and there should be a uniform security system. We have decided to pass a resolution to condemn such an act. Some persons are up to doing mischievous acts and NIA should expose them”, he said.

The House passed a resolution recommending an NIA probe into it.

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