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Pratyusha died in third attempt

Rahul Raj Singh is a “serial cheater” involved in several relationships, and conned women financially.

Rahul Raj Singh & Prathusha Banerjee-AV

Pratyusha Banerjee’s boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh claims to be a producer and an actor. He also claims to be a model and owner of a film production company. So far no one is aware about which TV serials he has worked or which films he produced. But Rahul Raj Singh is often confused with Rahul Singh Rajput the veteran actor and writer of Bollywood industry. Late last year, he and Pratyusha entered Sony TV’s reality show Power Couple, but were evicted pretty early on. Before leaving the show, Pratyusha confirmed that the duo have decided to tie the knot and the wedding cards will be distributed soon.

In January 2016, however, Pratyusha ran into a spot of trouble when she approached the Mumbai Police alleging that four persons, whom she claimed posed as policemen, molested her at her residence in suburban Kandivali. The actress mentioned in her complaint that the men barged into her flat in Laljipada and left the place only after she threatened to approach the Kandivali police. They were actually searching for Rahul Raj for defaulting bank loan. Pratyusha, had to undergo severe hardships due to her so called boyfriend.

TV actress and friend of Pratyusha, Sara Khan said, “This incident has happened because of Rahul Raj Singh, Piyu (Pratyusha Banerjee)’s boyfriend. He was torturing her almost everyday. But Piyu was so much in love with Rahul that she had already started wearing a sindoor in his name. In her mind, she was married to him. I had just gone to see her wedding joda which was designed by Rohit Verma.”

“Piyu tried to commit suicide twice since last two months. My maid, who used to work at her place earlier, told me a few days back that Piyu had tried to consume poison once and on another occasion, she attempted to jump from her balcony,” she added.

One of the investigation officers in Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case said, “Pratyusha’s parents are not willing to register any case against Rahul Raj Singh, so we cannot arrest him on any grounds.”

Another TV actress Heer Patel, made some startling disclosures about Pratyusha. She said, “Rahul Raj Singh is a “serial cheater” involved in several relationships, and conned women financially.  He is a small-time actor who failed in the industry and resorted to foul means for making money. I offered him a loan of Rs 25 lakh for starting a production house but he didn’t return a single rupee, and instead tried to incriminate me in a kidnapping case,” he said. Patel has also alleged that Singh has cheated a travel agency and numerous other women.

Rahul Raj Singh was married to an airhostess but got divorced and concealed this truth. Many of his old friends have evidence about his previous marriage and soon they will present it before the police.

Some eye witness and neighbours said, “The couple used to fight on violent note. Rahul sometimes used to bang window panels and at times he used to assault the actress, but next day they used to be seen together. Rahul Raj stuck to Prayutsha for fame and money, but she was struggling to find stable work and undergoing financial problem.”

The sudden death of Pratyusha Banerjee has shocked everyone. Of course, it is unclear as what led the actress to take such an extreme step of committing suicide. It is really a personal loss to all the television viewers.

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