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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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“Promoting a film is something that I don’t enjoy at all”: Sharman Joshi

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Actor Sharman Joshi, who began his career with Gujarati theatre, is indeed one of the most talented and loved actor that we have in the film industry. In his two-decades-old career, he has been appreciated for his amazing performances such as Rang De Basanti, Golmaal, 3 Idiots among others. the actor time and again has proven his versatility throught his acting ability!

In an exclusive interview with Afternoon Voice Sharman talks about his recently released film “Fauji Calling”, the best part about his journey, a part of an actor he doesn’t enjoy, and many more. Read on…

Words: Hema Singh

The trailer of the film looks amazing and intriguing at the same time, could you tell us more about “Fauji Calling”?

There are many films that are being made on soldiers and their bravery but people have not seen a film that shows the bond between a soldier and his family. What they go through when a soldier killed during a war and how does the family deal with the grief. “Fauji Calling” is a film about love hope and heartbreak. It shows the struggle of the martyrs’ families on how to cope up with tragedy in their lives.

The trailer of the film is being launched on the eve of Republic Day by the honorable Defence Minister and hopes that the film reaches out to every Indian, how does it feel?

I feel very much honored that our Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had launched the trailer of the film. I and the entire team of “Fauji Calling” will always be grateful for him, his gesture, his time for the film, and we appreciate and respect his efforts for the same.

Mugdha Godse is playing the lead role opposite you in “Fauji Calling”, how was it working with her, any anecdotes?

Mugdha is playing the role of my wife in this film, which is a very specific character. It was wonderful working with her during the entire shoot of the film. We bond really well in the little time that we had while filming the movie. You can always see her smiling and she got very positive energy which was really helpful throughout the film. It was a pleasure working with her.

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What made you pick up this movie?

The story of the film. It’s a very sensitive, love and heartbreak tale which not told very often. And I feel that is the only reason that made to pick this movie.

While selecting a movie, what is more, important to you, script or star cast?

I always go first for the script and then for the star cast. So, yeah.. script plays an important role for me.

Which is the part of an actor you don’t enjoy?

The promotion of film (laugh). I know promotion plays an important role before the release of the film. But I really don’t enjoy the whole promotion part at all.

Amongst all the characters you have played on screen which in particular do you relate to the?

3 idiots for sure! The film is so dear to me. And there’s a one dialogue – “Aap apni naukari apne paas rakh lijiye main apna attitude apne pass rakh leta hu.” (You keep your job with you and I’ll keep my attitude with me). There was nothing negative about the dialogue. It was just meant in a way- “I want to do things what my heart tells me to do”. So… yes in many ways this film (3 idiots) is very special for me (smile).

According to you what is the best part of your journey in this film industry?

God has been very kind, I am really blessed and grateful for whatever I had done and whatever I am doing right now related to my profession. I chose a career that I always wanted to do and found way over there. I got a lot appreciation and love for the job that I do so, this best and important part of filmy jounrey.

Do you have any dream project, if yes then what is it?

No dream project at all, just the blessing of God is quite enough for me. Whenever he (God) decides to give a dream project to me, I just hope that I’ll get a sense of recognition and immediately latch on to it.

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