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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Protesting Parliamentarians demand discussion on Manipur violence

While the BJP has said it’s ready for a short duration discussion on Manipur and Union Home Minister Amit Shah will make a statement.

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The Lok Sabha was adjourned several times amid sloganeering by the Opposition party members demanding a discussion on Manipur violence. The standoff over the crisis in Manipur continued between the Centre and Opposition since the session began this morning.

While the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has said it’s ready for a short duration discussion on Manipur and Union Home Minister Amit Shah will make a statement, the Opposition has demanded a statement from the PM. Opposition leaders continued their protest on Parliament premises reiterating calls for debate on the Manipur crisis.

Members of the newly named INDIA have sought a statement from Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as the suspension of regular proceedings to discuss the ethnic clashes. The agitators have also opposed the suspension of Rajya Sabha MP and AAP leader Sanjay Singh on Monday afternoon.

Not only in India but foreign nations also taking contingence of Manipur horror. UK PM Rishi Sunak’s special envoy raised Manipur violence in the House of Commons. British MP Fiona Bruce said that the Manipur violence is ‘premeditated and systematic’. Bruce claimed that hundreds of churches in Manipur have been destroyed. The British MP asserted that not much reporting has taken place on the issue. This comes after a video of women being paraded in the state went viral. The state has been rocked by strife between Kuki and Meitei communities since May.

Neha Bhagat, Joint General Secretary Best Worker Services told Afternoon Voice “What has happened in Manipur in the last three to four months has not only affected Manipur but the entire society of India. It is necessary to take concrete action as soon as possible, otherwise North East India will be separated from India forever. Watching the video of Manipur, it was not just a woman’s naked burden but the entire system.  In fact, the Hindu government should have immediately removed the responsibility of those who did this act and hanged them in Bhar Chowk. Why is justice not done as quickly as we have the process of fining? The fourth pillar of democracy has been undermined. In the current politics, the leaders are busy only in splitting the party.”

Activist Medha Patkar said, “Many incidents have happened in Manipur in the last few days, women are being targeted, women of this society should stop. We are protesting against the government and accordingly a letter has been given to the president saying that there should not have been such atrocities. We are constantly telling the government that such riots should not have happened.”

Agatha Sangma a MP representing the Tura constituency of Meghalaya, told Afternoon Voice, “Whenever there are riots in countries, women are the most targeted, it is not necessarily what caste a woman is, but the manner in which women are stripped naked and tortured should be stopped. The state government should take strict action on this. We are with the women of Manipur and we are providing medical treatment and support to those who have been rioted and injured in Manipur.”

Dr. Sukeshni Khanderao (Katale) condemn the dehumanizing act that has happened in Manipur in last few days. She said “Every time only women are victim ka still not one woman is safe in India? A woman who fulfils all the roles of a mother, sister, wife. If she is seen as a lower caste person, the entire country of India will feel insulted. I am also a schedule cast woman so am I not safe too? I mean nothing is achieved by just getting education, a person has to have morals which are not from small or big castes… I have a question for the Prime Minister of the country that until all this happens, why will no police officer go and stop it? Why this matter came to people’s knowledge through media because she was a scheduled caste woman…that means that scheduled caste women have no respect in this country.

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