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Punish my father, he raped me: a Haryana schoolgirl’s horror at home

rape1In a matter of four months, a schoolgirl in Haryana was allegedly gang-raped twice and then sexually assaulted by her father.

In her statement to the police, the girl gave a horrifying account of repeated assault in her village in Sonepat, less than an hour from Delhi, and in her own home.

A group of boys from her village allegedly gang-raped her twice in two months.

They were all arrested, but then her father allegedly started raping her.

“My father raped me in September. He said if I tell anyone he will get me killed. I want to study but my father wants to push me into prostitution. Please save me,” she said.

Her story emerged after a local NGO took her to the police and she told them that she did not want to go home.

Her father has been arrested and booked for rape.

“My father raped me. I don’t want to live with him…he should be punished…I want justice,” she said in a letter. She has now been placed in care of the NGO.

The girl’s mother says she was not aware of what was happening in her own home. “She never told me. She only told me now,” she said, asking for strongest possible punishment for her husband.

India enacted harsher laws for crimes against women last year, after the fatal gang-rape of a young student on a moving bus in December, 2012 jolted the nation and brought thousands of protesters out on the streets.

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