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Question RS MPs over lack of House productivity: Modi to youths

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday took a dig at the Opposition over the Rajya Sabha’s lack of productivity and said it is a matter of concern.

Addressing the “National Youth Parliament Festival”, he told youngsters to question the members of the Rajya Sabha, where opposition parties have a numerical advantage over his government, of their respective states, asserting it will lead to nationwide pressure on them.

Modi said the productivity of the outgoing 16th Lok Sabha, where the government enjoys a big majority, was 85 per cent (20 per cent more than the previous Lok Sabha) and it passed 205 bills, as he credited the development to the full majority voters gave to the BJP in the 2014 general elections. He expressed concern over only 8 per cent productivity of the Rajya Sabha in the last session where the interim budget was passed.

With the general elections due in April-May, Modi is seeking a renewed mandate to push ahead with the “development” agenda and asserting that a complete majority for the BJP will result in a strong government.

Opposition parties have often joined hands to block his government’s legislative agenda in the Upper House of Parliament.

After giving away the National Youth Parliament Festival, 2019, awards, Modi asked youngsters to organise events upon returning home and invite Rajya Sabha members from their states as chief guests and ask questions.

The Prime Minister advised the participants to visit the country’s National War Memorial adjoining the iconic India Gate complex, inaugurated by him on Monday, and the National Police Memorial in central Delhi.

Asserting that dialogue strengthens democracy, Modi asked the participants to give their feedback and suggestions on how the event could have been made better and what other topics could have been included to make it more creative and innovative in future. He also proposed setting up an online mechanism for receiving those suggestions.

Modi expressed hope that the National Youth Parliament Festival platform would provide direction and shape to the energy of the youth and a better dialogue process. He said that such events would aid those aspiring to become Parliamentarians.

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