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Religion of peace

Cartoon-LeadThe entire world condemned the brutal assault on the office of French Magazine Charlie Hebdo. Three gunmen had stormed in the magazine office killing 12, including several prominent French satirical cartoonists and injuring others. French President Francois Hollande called the attack “barbaric” and said it would do little to hamper the freedom of the press. Indians too condemned the attack and said that it is a barbarous attack against the humanity and also added that terrorism has become a major threat to the entire world. They wanted the entire world to come together for eliminating terrorism.

“The brutal killing of Charlie Hebdo and his colleagues is not an isolated event. The whole world is facing the heat of jehad, and we as civilization are not ready to accept that jehad is anti-democracy, anti-modernity and anti-liberty.” Recent brutal killing is demonstration of this anti-thesis of present world order, its failure of world leadership to frame proper equation to solve this medieval barbaric mindset” said Devendra Sharma.

rafiq-sayedRafique Sayed, Fashion photographer said, “My right can’t be your right and your wrong can’t be my wrong. I am shocked and rattled with today’s action. Do they have any idea of the repercussion that their action will have all over the world?”

“I accept that you cannot love everyone, but I also believe that you don’t have to hate anyone. I am not a practising Muslim but I have learnt so much from the Prophet Mohammed. The Quran refers to him as the Prophet of Peace for the entire Universe. I have learnt much from the Gita, the Bible, the Torah and the Granth Saheb” he added.

“Just as I have learnt from the Sufis and the Bauls for they had a message of love and peace for all. When there is darkness around, a single candle is enough to destroy it. You can’t be the Sun, but you can be the candle. I like the opening chapter of the Upanishads ‘ Take me from darkness to light. Take me ignorance to the bliss take me from death to immortality ‘Love, light and peace” said Sayed.

prasadPrasad Ajgaonkar, a serial Entrepreneur owning several companies in the Technology & Entertainment said, “Though it does not justify the violence, every religion has a right to decide how their Gods should be represented or treated. And if guidelines are defined, it is better others respect them. One should take great care that the sentiments should not be disturbed in any form and if you can’t, don’t touch the subject !! Hate builds alienation.”

“Alienation creates a conducive environment for the miscreants to attain their purpose. Don’t participate in hate mongering and particularly sitting on sofa. There are real people in security forces and cops on the streets who die for your social media posts!!! It is irreversible now. Can’t be stopped by hate anymore” he added.

Islamic Education Insitute, Darul Uloom Deoband, spokesperson Ashraf Usmani said, “The attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo has created shockwaves in the entire world. We seriously condemn this incident. The acts committed by the magazine and terrorists are not right. Freedom of speech and expression doesn’t mean that one can hurt the religious sentiments of any community. The magazine has hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims. However, I also condemn the attack on the magazine office.”

vishal-rajeVishal Raje, a Journalist said, “This is the ugly face of extremists. This people are dangerous for humanity. It will happen everywhere. There is a proverb in Marathi ‘Je perle thech ugavte’. It’s happening exactly according to the extreme religious thoughts sowed by western politics to control Asia.”

ninad-siddhyeNinad Siddhaye, Metro editor, of Dainik Mi Marathi said, “It’s a cowardly act of radical Muslims. Unfortunately, the Muslim community in general will be held responsible for such acts and the communal harmony will definitely be disturbed worldwide. As a journalist, I salute the spirit of Charlie Hebdo and given a choice, would definitely follow their footsteps in India.”

suresh-nakhuva“I believe in absolute freedom of speech and support the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo. Mainstream media which was tom tomming over freedom of speech for last weeks has done a somersault on Charlie issues and says that cartoonists shud have been sensitive and not allegedly insult religious sentiments” said, Suresh Nakhua (BJP).

Sanchari Mukherjee – Freelance Blogger said, “I may not agree with someone’s view but then that’s my perspective. It’s a free world. If I cannot express my viewpoints freely then it makes no sense. We should learn to co-exist together. The world is too small for so many religious ideologist.”

Nilu-GupteNilu Gupte – Blogger from Mumbai said, “It is a senseless act of unspoken brutality that has claimed innocent lives. This extremely grave barbaric action is also an attack against democracy and freedom of expression.”

Sudha-SwamySudha Swamy from Mumbai Blogs about Politics & Social Events said,”Fighting terrorism is like a goalkeeper in a football match. No matter how many balls you save but you’ll just be remembered by the one which you missed. We do not create terrorism by fighting the terrorist, we invite terrorism by ignoring them.”

Rupal Mistry – Animator and Cartoonist said, “Freedom of expression is not only a person’s fundamental right but also a most basic aspect of person’s nature. Ironically, such terrorist attacks further strengthen our belief in freedom of expression and unifies us on a global level.”

Shirsha-MajumdarShirsha Majumder – Social Media & Blogger from Allahabad said, “The Charlie Hebdo attack was a sheer act of cowardice. The endeavor that the attackers did to destroy the freedom of expression has no doubt made it stronger in the world as the ‘Pens’ which symbolism this freedom of expression were laid across the square in Paris. People are uniting against this barbaric act and this won’t let the journalism around the world any weaker.”

Pravin-KirnahakePravin Kirnahake – Freelance Article Writer from Mumbai said,”We are the common people, we don’t have anything other than Paint, Brush, Canvas and Pen to write and Draw our imagination which we see and hear around our regular livings. If any terrorist attacks on journalist it means our pen have more power than a Gun. Writing is not only profession but also the way, to make understand the people about present affairs. It’s not only attack on Journalist, it’s a brutal murder of Freedom of Speech and Expression.”

Akshara-DamleAkshara Damle a Columnist from Karnataka said, “The attitude of ‘no tolerance’ for criticism and taking an extreme step of destruction (killing) of critics is an attack on humanity. Terrorism should not be tolerated. Journalists should be well protected of their rights to express freely and tell the truth to the world. However, there is also a need for self – censorship in order to prevent hurting masses of some religious belief while exercising the Right to free expression.”

Senior Advocate Rohini Salian said, “It’s such a barbaric act by the attackers. Those who believe in democracy have the right of freedom of speech. This act can certainly not be justified.”

Criminal lawyer Abbas Kazmi said, “There’s no justification. I definitely condemn the act of killing such attack on innocent lives. Satirical journalism should follow ethics. These satirical journalists should be well prepared and careful as their publication can backlash/backfire.”

“This attack was not against few individuals or on a publication but on the freedom of speech. Islamic extremists have no business in attacking, particularly a non-Islamic country that tried to integrate Muslims in their mainstream society. Is it an act of bravery killing unarmed people and then fleeing? Cowards! They will make things difficult for the entire community in France for no fault of theirs. It is high time, moderate and liberal Muslims raise their voices louder than these gunshots and bombs. Glad that that despite the tragedy, #CharlieHebdo will go ahead with the next issue! That is some fearless journalism!’’ said Photo Journalist Mrudula Varaskar.

“I fear the present situation will divide the world into two religions. Muslims and Non-Muslims. Where we heading ? Charlie Hebdo said Nayan Hegde.

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