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Here is what renowned personalities had to say about our newspaper.

Arvind Sawant, Shiv Sena MP said, “Even though social media has gained prominence today but print media has not lost its relevance. People who live home early in the morning are unable to catch up with the latest news when they reach office. AV is doing outstanding social work and is able to connect. The paper must also receive timely feedback from people to make further improvement.”

Actress Kishori Shahane said, “Today news is being delivered to people through digital medium at a faster pace. Several incidents are happening in Mumbai. AV should publish genuine news to attract more readers.”


Public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam said, “Media should refrain from publishing photos of terrorist attack, crime incidents and accidents as it impacts readers. US has never disclosed the images of the 9/11 terror attacks incidents. Media should exercise self-restraint and should not publish such images. They must adopt self-regulation.”

Senior journalist Nilesh Khare
said, “It is good to note that AV is giving more importance to the common man and civic issues which acts as a plus point for the paper. More work can be done through initiatives like involving citizen reporters.”


NCP chief spokesperson Nawab Malik said, “Newspapers have played vital role and it is their duty to offer genuine news to readers. They are sometimes sensationalising issue and at times withholding facts. There is no difference between news and views. After the advent of electronic media people had asked whether print media will survive but both of them are co-existing. Nobody takes responsibility for news published in digital media whereas there is lack of evidence in the electronic media but you can refer even backdated issues through print medium.”

Congress MLA, Kalidas Kolambkar said, “Afternoon Voice covers various topics and also has its impact on people. I had observed news stories published in various newspapers but I appreciate the manner in which AV reports stories. I laud the social initiatives undertaken by the firm. The newspaper covers the truth. It is not managed by anyone. I would like to congratulate AV for its anniversary.”

Surekha Manoj Patil BJP corporator ward no 27 said, “AV gives more importance to issues faced by women and it is headed by a woman. The paper is known for publishing facts. I appreciate the edit column of this paper. I would like to congratulate AV and achieve greater heights in future. AV has played a vital role in providing justice to common people.”

Bollywood choreographer Sandip Soparrkar said, “AV is a complete paper and covers various information. Many papers print paid news but AV only publishes news if it is genuine and nowadays very few papers exist that covers the truth. The newspaper can improve its quality and it can provide vital information. There is no need to make it glossy. Since nowadays publications use high quality photographs so I would expect AV to use the same and be in sync with the modern times.”

BJP spokesperson Shaina NC said, “AV has been doing a good work since a long period of time and covers Mumbai centric issues. I would like the paper to cover city centric news and unbiased news. It should be independent voice called Afternoon Voice.”


BJP MLC Praveen Darekar said, “Print media should focus on providing truth as it creates an impact on people. Journalism must not uproot any individual, firm or society and must cover facts. I would like to congratulate AV and it should continue to do good work and act as a guide for people and legislators like us.”

Marathi actoress Smitha Tambhe said, “Print media acts as a communicator and is a responsible medium. If a news is covered in an unbiased manner then it is worth it. However, if it is covered as per someone’s viewpoint then it creates confusion among readers. Journalism is a tough task and it requires efficient journalists to cover news stories.”

Transport Minister Diwakar Raote said, “I don’t believe in news but I support the columns written by writers. If I get time then I read those columns printed in your paper. I would like to congratulate AV for completing its eight anniversary.”


Actor Pradeep Velankar said, “Your paper is not supported by any political party and everyone has the freedom to express his or her views. AV should make more progress in the years to come.”

Actoress Samidha Guru said, “AV is known for maintaining transparency while covering news and it looks authentic. Media is a mirror where we can watch our face. Many anniversaries will come and I would like to thank AV for the good work done by it. We should celebrate truth and transparency.”

Anwar Shaikh Rehmani group, Kandivali president said, “We have been reading this newspaper for a long period time. AV covers genuine news. After reading this newspaper people get different message. I would like to congratulate AV for completing eight years. It covers the truth.”

Rupal Mistry
said, Afternoon Voice has always conveyed unique perspectives to various national aspects. As a progressive newspaper, In future i wish to read more from them on  international news. World is their canvas, and I want to read  their take with global viewpoint.


Vaidehi Rele said, There is no suggestions while doing good work, I appreciate the way this publication house stands for social cause and justice. I wish them all the best for further growth. Good work needs appreciation, no suggestions.


said, It’s 2017, and we are still thriving. Life has no smooth road but bracing through this tough road is what makes us who we are today. Keeping the show on is not only moral imperative but also an economic necessity and a duty to keep doing good work.

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