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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Reservation debate opposition’s vendetta – Paswan

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Ram Vilas Paswan, Ramdas Athawale, Reservation debate, Ramdas debate on reservation, reservation, quotaCommenting on RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s statement on the reservation by the Constitution and no one can take it away from the backward sections, Union minister Ramdas Athawale asserted that there is no need for a debate on reservation in the country and said the Narendra Modi government should not be seen as anti- Dalit.
While speaking to Afternoon Voice Ramdas Athawale said, “I am happy to see whatever Mohan Bhagwatji had said the RSS has promptly clarified it. I want to assure the Dalits of our country that there is no question of debate or rethinking on the issue of reservation. It is a constitutional right and no one can snatch it away from them. Modiji also assured several times that the government stands with Dalits and backward community of the country,”Athawale further stated that he is in favour of a strong law in the country so that those involved in lynching of Dalits and minorities can be punished. A section of the people may be angry with the Dalits thinking that they are getting more benefits from the government and that could be a reason for the attacks on them but these attacks on Dalits are not taking place because of the present dispensation at the Centre.

Whereas Bhagwat had said that conversations should happen in a harmonious atmosphere between those in favour of reservation and those against it. The RSS dismissed it as “needless” row over Bhagwat’s remarks, asserting that he merely stressed on the need for mutual talks in harmony within society to address any issue.

RSS’ ‘Prachar Pramukh’ (publicity head) Arun Kumar immediately tweeted that his organisation has made it clear time and again that it fully supports reservation for Dalits, scheduled tribes, other backward classes and those getting it on economic grounds.

Dalit group Bhim Army leader Chandrashekhar Azad challenged RSS chief to open a debate on the issue of reservation even as he sought a discussion on the abolition of caste system which, he said, has “hollowed out” the country.

Ramvilas Paswan said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeated it many times that it cannot be meddled with. “There is no need for any debate on reservation. This is now available even to the upper castes poor so it is impossible that it will be ended.” Paswan added further that the opposition parties are trying to fuel a controversy. But I believe their lies are not going to cut ice with the people.”

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