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Retired man duped of Rs. 15 lakh by his son and daughter-in-law

A retired man from the city has been cheated by his own son and daughter-in-law to the tune of around Rs 15 lakh, the city police said.

Police sub-inspector A R Mahajan of the Vartak Nagar police station told that the victim Arun Laxman Bandiwant, (57) had retired from his job and got an amount of Rs. 7.49 lakh which he had invested in January 2008, for six years in a scheme run by Pancard Clubs.

In 1995, after he divorced his wife, he lived alone, while his estranged wife and her son lived separately, the police said.

His investment matured in January 2014 and he was about to returns worth Rs. 14.99 lakh, his son and daughter-in-law forced him to come and stay with them.

After the old man refused, they allegedly threatened him to do so, according to the police complaint.

In July 2014, his son and daughter-in-law forcibly took him to the Pancard Club office and took his signatures on vital documents. They also forced him to sign on some stamp papers.

The couple took the old man to the Bank of India’s Kalwa branch and opened a joint account. The couple got the maturity cheque from Pancard Club and deposited it in Bank of India, thus siphoning off the entire money without leaving anything for the old man, the police said.

The old man filed a complaint against his son Nilesh Laxman Bundivant (28) and his wife Nilima Nilesh Bundivant (25), the police said.

The police said that Nilesh is an autorickshaw driver and the couple has been charged under Section 420 read with Section 34 of the Indian Penal Code and no arrest has been made in connection with the offence so far.

Police officer Mahajan told that the police is trying to gather information about the bank transactions to take action against the couple.

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