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Rising suicide rates, Citizens losing faith in govt

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Farmers Suicide Attempt AVAfter a the recent spate of suicide and attempt to suicide incidents, one more person tried to end his life by pouring kerosene on himself outside Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’s official residence at Nagpur. The man, a former-employee of Nagpur Municipal Corporation, was ousted from his job, hence had taken this drastic step. Of late there has been a sharp rise in people trying to commit suicide outside Mantralaya. Why are people trying to end their lives at government offices? Is it because they have become frustrated with the government for its failure to resolve their problems? Since citizens’ grievances remain unresolved at district level, hence, they are forced to visit Mantralaya.

NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik said that the government has delayed and has ultimately failed to take developmental decisions in every sector. “Lingering the decision making process is the main reason behind increasing suicide rates. Frustration towards the government is increasing, be among farmers or youth,” he said.

“The government always offers hope to citizens but they are failing to deliver and citizens are losing faith in the administration. Prompt decision making process is needed to restore confidence among citizens,” he added.

Many times people have to run from pillar to post and meet officials of various departments to solve their issues, but sometimes they don’t receive proper feedback. The government has also failed to address the agrarian crisis as more than 13,000 farmers have ended their lives in last three and a half years.

Psychiatrist Harish Shetty expressed his concern over rising suicides in the society. “When citizens attempt suicide at important places like Mantralaya, it can be seen as their protest against the power structure. It is an extension of increased suicide rates happening in the country and is only due to lack of political will by the power structure for the poor sections of the society,” he said.

According to him, people should realise that death is not the solution and there are million other ways to solve problems. He added further, “Such suicide incidents are signs of low frustration tolerance among people in this era of globalisation and changing India. People must build their own resilience as an alternate way to fight depression in the society.”

The government had started online complaint redressal system to resolve citizen’s complaints. Despite this, sometimes citizens have to visit the office multiple times as no time frame is provided for addressing their grievances. Earlier farmers used to end their lives outside Mantralaya but now even youths are committing suicide there.

Shiv Sena MLA Sunil Shinde said that citizens commit suicide when they realise that government is unable to fulfil their expectations; however, it is difficult to say who is at fault. He said, “In just two weeks, we have seen multiple suicide incidents; the government must seriously think about it! Proper probe must be conducted to avert such incidents in future.”

“I can’t say that the government has failed to create employment opportunities but some flaws prevailing in the system should be corrected,” he added.

The Nagpur civic body had dismissed seven persons from job as they held a press conference to press for their demand for reinstatement, failing which they threatened to commit suicide. On Sunday morning, they hired a vehicle and proceeded towards Fadnavis’s residence.

A person from the group tried to immolate himself by pouring kerosene; however, the tragedy was averted as police intervened to rescue him. The victim is out of danger. The remaining six persons have been taken into custody by police for questioning. Security has been beefed up at the CM’s residence in the aftermath of this incident.

Social worker Abhijeet Rane said that the general tendency behind increasing suicide incidents is due to citizens’ over expectation from the government. He said, “Since there is less number of vacancies but more applicants for government jobs, hence, many candidates are unable to get employment and therefore they tend to get frustrated,” he said.

Rane said that people residing in rural areas are unhappy with the government for its failure to deliver promises made to them. “Our government to an extent is unorganised, though since 2014 many changes in terms of modernisation have been introduced, but their implementation still remains a question,” he added.

Few days back a 45-year-old man Harshal Raote fell to his death from the fifth floor of the Mantralaya. The incident occurred a day after a 32-year-old unemployed man Avinash Shete tried to end his life.

Last month, 84-year-old Dharma Patil, a farmer from Dhule, died a few days after consuming poison at Mantralaya. Last year, a visitor threatened to commit suicide from the ledge of the annexe building, when protesters led by the NCP had barged into the building after breaching the security.

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