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Salman Khurshid again makes jibe on Modi, BJP says Congress frustrated

After calling BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi ‘impotent’ last month, senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid has once again made a controversial reference to the latter, which has irked the country’s main opposition party.

Reports on Wednesday quoted Khurshid as saying that Modi is like a nursery student with good marks who thinks he has PhD degree in connection with the post-Godhra riots.

“I don’t know of the Supreme Court giving a clean chit to Modi. A lower court has denied to issue a summons to him. It is like a nursery student who has scored good marks, and thinks of himself as the holder of a PhD,” Khurshid reportedly said.

Responding to the External Affairs Minister’s ‘nursery student’ jibe on its prime ministerial candidate, the BJP today hit back saying, Khurshid’s remarks expose his and the Congress party’s frustration over the Gujarat leader’s growing popularity.

“They (Congress) do not understand what to do with the growing popularity of Modi. They are in the depression of being lost. That is why they are making such comments. They are drowning themselves,”BJP’s Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said.

“What Salman Khurshid has said is rubbish,” added BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar.

Khurshid had earlier questioned Modi’s claim of having received a clean chit in the 2002 Gujarat riot cases, and compared him to a nursery student.

Khurshid was indirectly admonished by Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi for calling Modi impotent.

“I do not appreciate this kind of comment…the kind of language, ” Rahul Gandhi had said.

At a rally in Farrukhabad on February 25, Khurshid had stoked a controversy by calling Modi “impotent” and insisted that he did nothing wrong as there was no other appropriate word to describe him in the context of the 2002 Gujarat riots.

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