Satpal Maharaj – Another rat of sinking ship?


You all might remember that when JD(U) separated from BJP over Modi’s prime ministerial candidature, everyone commented that Modi is a divisive force and no one like to do alliance with the BJP. No one will endorse him, and this person may become a liability for party. Now the tables have turned, Modi’s popularity and charisma has driven many people who once criticised the party and its leader, back to align with BJP. Not only that, but many strange entries like Satpal Maharaj of Congress, has surprised people by giving up his long association with Congress. It might be because each individual politician is much worried about his own future and sustenance in politics.

No doubt, politicians are attracted towards BJP all because of Modi. Modi has become a united force. In a season of political hopping, the Congress has been hit the hardest. Satpal Maharaj joining the Bharatiya Janata Party is the biggest setback for the Congress party. Recently elected Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat and Satpal Maharaj have internal rivalry. Satpal was not happy with Rawat’s appointment as CM of Uttarakhand. Moreover, anti Congress waves have compelled many of its leaders to quit the party. Satpal as a leader reportedly has support of five MLAs which could spell danger for the Congress government in the state. After joining the BJP, Satpal Maharaj hit out at the Uttarakhand government saying it has done nothing for the flood victims.

Expressing a deep sense of hurt, Satpal Maharaj said neither he nor anyone else from his family would contest 2014 Lok Sabha elections and advised the party to field a dedicated party worker from the seat. The drama and the statements issued by him has not surprised me; rather his morality can be questioned. When he knew that Congress has not done anything for flood victims, why he has taken so much time to quit? Was he aiming for the CM post in Uttarakhand? The time of his allegation is suspicious. After joining the BJP, Maharaj also rubbished the report that someone from his family could replace him as the party nominee from Pauri Lok Sabha seat. He said that neither he nor anyone else from his family would contest the general elections. Maharaj’s decision is a second jolt to the Congress ahead of Lok Sabha polls as former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Jagdambika Pal had earlier joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Satpal Maharaj, 62, has a massive following in the hill state of Uttarkhand. He was upset with the Congress when it selected Harish Rawat as the chief minister this year. Recently, the candidates he recommended for the Garhwal region were not cleared by the Congress. His wife Amrita Rawat is a Congress legislator in the state assembly. Satpal Maharaj reportedly has the support of 10 of the party’s 34 legislators in Uttarakhand that gives him the power to put the Congress government in the state in jeopardy. Satpal Singh Rawat is also known as Bal Bhagwan Ji. Worth remembering is that, in 1995, he left the Congress but returned back after four years. Now, again he left Congress and can return back any moment if his aspirations are not satisfied in BJP. Such leaders are not worth trusting.

Right now, Congress party is in crises, rats are swimming away, when a ship sinks. Satpal has association of 25 years with Congress Party. Party has taken him to this position, because he cannot come to this status on his own. Surprisingly, BJP is accepting these rats and other smaller parties who had criticised Modi in the past to reach the target of 272+. Such people could be turned out like Vinod Binny of AAP. BJP is taking high risk by this.



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