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Scamster All-India Mahila Empowerment Party to try its luck in Mumbai

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Image: Vivek Gaikwad / Afternoon Voice

All-India Mahila Empowerment Party called for a press conference to promote their party agenda. Shehnaaz Ramteke, Vice President of All-India Mahila Empowerment Party stated that they “are working for the elections and demands 50 per cent reservation for the woman from the government”‘. When asked why they want to serve women only after winning the elections “She stated that party came into existence in 2014 but started working on woman empowerment project since last one year.”

Sherly Fernandes, Vice President of All-India Mahila Empowerment Party said, “The party came into existence in 2014 and states it came in Maharashtra for the first time and our president is Nowera Shaikh is a businesswoman and she can generate employment in the country.”

Sunita Tupasoundarya, President of All India Mahila Empowerment Party said that they are working in this party for the justice of women and harassment towards women should be less in the country.

The party did not showcase any vision or aim for the empowerment of women when asked about their accomplishments so far. The woman vice president did not have concrete answers and stated that they were working for elections. After experimenting with Karnataka and Telangana, the party is trying to spread its wins in Maharashtra.

Nowhera Shaik founded the All-India Mahila Empowerment Party. The party contested the 2018 Karnataka Legislative Assembly election and fielded candidates for all 224 constituencies, garnering 0.3% vote share. The party contested from all the 119 constituencies in the 2018 Telangana Legislative Assembly election and aims to contest in the 2019 Indian general election.

In 2018 Shaik was arrested for running a Ponzi scheme assuring returns of 36% per annum for the investment under the disguise of Heera Group and the total amount involved was more than Rs 5000 crore from 1.72 lakh investors. In 2016 also a complaint was filed against Heera Group by Asaduddin Owaisi for cheating number investors from his constituency Hyderabad. The Supreme Court of India released Shaik on conditional bail with a direction to repay the investors. After the release Shaik had alleged, she was targeted as a part of political rivalry.

Story by Brena Soni and Vivek Gaikwad

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