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Sena compares Kadam to Khilji over his anti-women remarks

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The Shiv Sena Friday likened Maharashtra BJP MLA Ram Kadam to Alauddin Khilji, 13th century Sultan of Delhi, for telling youngsters he would “kidnap” a girl they like, and also questioned his party’s silence over his remarks.

The Sena said while Prime Minister Narendra Modi was keen on giving “justice” to Muslim women in triple talaq, in Maharashtra the MLAs of his party were creating panic among the women of the state.

“Queen Padmini committed ‘jauhar’ along with thousands of other Rajput women to protect their honour, prestige and religion. Their ‘jauhar’ against Alauddin Khilji and his tyranny is still inspiring women in India. But it seems time has come for the women in Maharashtra to commit ‘jauhar’ against the BJP’s Khilji,” the Sena said in an editorial in party mouthpiece ‘Saamana’.

According to the legend, queen of Mewar Rani Padmavati had committed ‘jauhar’ (self immolation) along with thousands of other women in Chittorgarh to protect their honour when Alauddin Khilji attacked the fort in 1303.

“BJP MLA Ram Kadam, who is the chief minister’s favourite, uttered derogatory words against women that showed his arrogance. He said ‘Just let me know the girl you like and I will kidnap her and hand her over to you’. What kind of hedonistic culture has landed in Maharashtra?” it asked.

The Uddhav Thackeray-led party alleged that the BJP was nurturing such kind of people, who speak ill of women, farmers and wives of soldiers.

“Such people have no right to take Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s name and rule the state,” it added.

“What kind of message is the BJP sending out to the youth in the state? Is this what the party’s Hindutva and its culture is all about?…This is bound to happen if you rub dirt on yourself in the greed to win elections. What was sown in the last five years is being reaped now,” the Sena said.

It further said that Lord Krishna was a protector of women, but ironically the BJP MLA passed anti-women remarks on the birthday of Lord Krishna.

The Sena sought to know why the ruling BJP, which is generally quick to label the opposition as anti-nationals if they raise its voice on issues concerning the country, was silent over Kadam’s remarks.

“On the one hand Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to give relief to Muslim women on triple talaq, on the other hand a sense of fear is prevailing in the minds of women due to the BJP legislator’s remarks. The only woman cabinet minister in the state government, Pankaja Munde, should speak on it,” it said.

It said why Union minister Smriti Irani, who usually talks about the rights of women, was keeping mum over the issue.

The Sena added that had a Congress legislator made such remarks, the BJP would have created a din and even spoken against president Rahul Gandhi.

Kadam, while speaking at an event during Dahi handi celebrations in the city had said he would “kidnap” a girl a boy like seven if she says no to the proposal.

“You (youngsters) can meet me for any work,” he is seen in the video clip, telling the crowd, mainly comprising youth.

He was heard further saying that he got requests from youngsters to help them after girls rejected their proposals.

“I will help, 100 per cent. Come (to me) with your parents. What will I do if parents approve (the girl a boy has liked)? I will kidnap the girl concerned and hand her over to you (for marriage),” he was heard telling the crowd.

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