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A ‘serial rapist’ of 800 girls arrested by Delhi police, women activists demand hanging

Little girls begging for help amused Sunil Rastogi, Delhi Police said about the alleged serial rapist arrested in the capital on Saturday. Emboldened by the fact that the families of the victims did not approach the police, Rastogi allegedly thought he could get away with anything.

The accused paedophile, is a tailor by profession. The accused, who wore the same set of clothes – a ‘red jacket’ (which he considered lucky), used to come from Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur district to Delhi by train and look for lone minor girls, kidnap and take them to under-construction buildings or isolated locations, rape them and then flee the city.

The rapist nearly targeted eight hundred children over the last 13 years not only in Delhi but even in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. According to Delhi Police, the paedophile Rastogi, claimed to have attempted assault on more than 2,500 minors.

Sunil Rastogi was arrested on Saturday on the basis of tip off, DCP(East) Omvir Singh said.

“The accused told police that he used to target minor girls. Whenever he would find any minor girl going to home from school, he used to mislead her on the pretext that her father had sent some clothes or some other articles to give her and take her to an isolated place,” he added.

During interrogation, he confessed he committed the alleged offences and also revealed he committed similar offences with other girls in New Ashok Nagar, Delhi, Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh), and Rudrapur (Uttarakhand), said the officer.

Following the arrest of serial rapist Sunil Rastogi, accused of assaulting and raping minor girls, the women’s rights activists on Monday demanded strict punishment and immediate hanging of the culprit. Former Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief Barkha Shukla, while appreciating the effort made to nab the culprit said he should be hanged.

“Cases of rapes have been increasing in the national capital. This man getting arrested is a big achievement. Now that he has confessed his crime, he should be given strictest of the punishment. Immediate hearing should be done and he should be hanged,” Shukla said.

Meanwhile, another women activist Abha Singh slammed the local police for their failure and expressed shock over repetition of such incidents, that too also in the national capital.

“It’s a very shocking and scary situation that a serial rapist rapes and sexually assaults minor girls for more than years. What worrying is that in spite of such a strict law, such cases are happening, that too in the capital. That is a clear intelligence failure of the local police which could not find out that such a serial rapist was living in vicinity. What was surprising was that the police was caught sleeping,” Singh said.

Meanwhile, a special investigations team has been set up that will look for other minor victims who have been targetted by Rastogi in the past since the police suspect that most some his crimes went unreported.

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