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Sex toys market at its peak during COVID lockdown

According to the report, the global sex toys market is projected to continue making significant developments after the end of the COVID-19 disaster.

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Research Dive has added the newest report on the global sex toys market to its storehouse. The report states that the COVID-19 pandemic has made an encouraging impact on market growth. Sex toy manufacturing companies are heavily investing in novel product design and developments to meet the requirements of people during the pandemic.

Despite the pandemic crisis, the Asia-Pacific sex toys market is estimated to observe significant growth and dominate the market from 2019 to 2026. The growth of this regional market is mainly owing to the mounting adoption of sexual heightening devices in this region.

Abhishek Triveni, a student told Afternoon Voice, “Buying sex toy online and getting it delivered home is safe and confidential. Due to lockdown, the mounting satisfying body urges can control frustration, this remains very personal and secret.”

An engineering student on the condition of anonymity said, “Most of the girls staying in paying guest accommodations, singles and especially women in her mid-age having no partners, prefer these agates. Morally they can feel safe, no watchdogs or exploitation, ordering is safe and usage is very personal, at the same time the craving is controlled. Why would one need a partner or dating risk in such a pandemic time?”

According to the report, the global sex toys market is projected to continue making significant developments after the end of the COVID-19 disaster.

The report provides numerous tactics and strategies of the foremost players functioning in the market such as the new product developments, latest strategic plans and approaches, financial performance, product portfolio, and SWOT analysis. For instance, in March 2021, Womanizer, one of the leading sex toy brands, launched the world’s first ecological and recyclable sex toy.

Dr Hitesh Shah, a renowned sexologist told Afternoon Voice in his exclusive interview “Using sex toys for some change is fine but for the long run, it impacts their emotions. These gadgets can’t give them emotional; support or compassion. It’s so mechanical and self-act, having a partner and having a toy is a huge difference for the wellbeing of a person. There are chances that they can get too dependent on their sex toy. Manual masturbation is more of a gentle, luxurious experience, you don’t need to let that go just because you get a sex toy, and incorporating it from time to time will keep you from becoming dependent.”

He further elaborated, “Use of sex toys does not impact the emotional health immediately, but if they get addicted to this kind of pleasure then it will affect their relationships in the future. They will not think of sex in context to relationships and invariably this will impact the healthy sexual and emotional connection between both partners. Once in a while for a change it is ok, otherwise, this is not recommended as a healthy solution.”

Pranam Seth a makeup artist of Mumbai said, “I don’t know why people still shy away from talking sex until Karan Johar came up with web series, the sex toy was very hidden subject in Indian society. Now things are changing fast, no one has time to invest on lose on emotional relations or wait for the partner to satisfy one another.”

Jacky a working professional said, “Most of the time what folks think is sexual thwarting is a lack of satisfaction with something else going on in their lives,” emotions and sex life is bookish terms nowadays, one needs a solution and no risk, this is safest.”

Sexologist Dr Shirish Malde believes there should be a local market for sex aids, he says, “No stores or famous outlets or even malls in Mumbai sell sex toys since they are still in the grey zone and thought illegal. Though sometimes we do have to prescribe these sex-enhancing tools to our patients, we buy them from certain reliable hawkers.”

Markets, sexologists in India have to mainly depend on peddlers and local smugglers to get them the required sex toys for their patients.

Dr Kuldeep Bawle says, “In some cases, sex toys are essential to cure our patients’ sexual dysfunctions.”

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